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Lopez Island Postal Service / Devin Plummer

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Contact information:
Ardith Buchanan
Lopez Island
To whom ever this may concern,

Febuary 4th of 2009, I walked over to the Island Dale store and put my mail to DSHS(that had SSN and Everything about me), and forgot to put a return address on it and somehow I had recieved it in my PO BOX the next morning of Feburary 5th, and asked the manager Christy about it, and she told me "someone put in in a pile with other stuff, and you other mail in the box." I asked " how could it have gotten their? Is it legal to open mail?" And she laughs at me, and says "no, its not legal to look through mail, it was just open in the Post office drop-in box at Islandale." I had told her that I had sealed it shut, and made sure of it because their is a women their that will do anything to look in my mail. Her name is Devin Plummer, she has had many many complaints over the past 5 years, and she seems just to get a slap on the hand, and thats all.

Now, Alot of people on this Island have complained about opened mail, and somehow nobody at that Post Office doesn't know anything about it. That is our way of communication of the outside world, and should be private. My finacee' is a Burt, and The Burt's of Lopez Island have had alot of concerns with their mail in the past, and it is still coming up to this day, that they recieve re-stemed or ripped at the corner mail.

Everytime we complain to the post master, we seem to end up no where, and nothing has been done about it, so we have hope that you might responed to this a.s.a.p.

Ardith & others.

You can e-mail me:luckieduc2626@hotmail.com
Or write: PO BOX 681 Lopez Island WA 98261


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A  17th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I agree, Devin is a lying little snoop. But you Ardith, need to quit looking so stupid and illiterate! Use a spell checker! And learn some grammer! Hey, and why don't you take care of your daughter once in a while? And give you "financee" (fiance') a break? You're a ###!
N  3rd of Jan, 2010 by 
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Ardith may have her problems, but Devin and her Mom are the biggest snoops there are. When her Devin's mom worked at the post office she too snooped in peoples mail, but like Ardith says, nothing is ever done about it. That family needs to know everyone's business and then gossip about it.
N  3rd of Jan, 2010 by 
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Ardith may have her problems, but Devin and her mom are the biggest snoops there are. Both need to know everyone's business and gossip about everything. When her mom worked at the Post Office she too snooped in peoples mail. But like Ardith says, nothing is never done.
D  5th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Lopez is Lopez. Everybody snoops, everybody is in everybody's business. Get over it. If you don't like it, leave. Everybody complains about everybody being too busy gossiping about each other, but what do you do? You gossip too. User 2310 said that "When her mom worked at the Post Office she too snooped in peoples mail.", there you are spreading rumors and gossiping. How long ago was it that she worked there? So long ago that it doesn't even matter. If Devin did have problems snooping in people's mail, she would be fired, and then charged because it's a federal offense.
I agree with ardithbbb, you look like you're stupid when you post ### about people online, complaining. First, proper grammar and spelling is important when you're trying to pursued people into agreeing with you. Second, don't pull people into your business if you don't want people to talk. Third, don't mention people's names in your complaints, especially when you don't get their permission. I being very close to the Burts have shown them this complaint. They said that they knew about it and didn't appreciate you using their name or information for this complaint. Fourth, get your information correct before you post things. Devin has not had many complaints during the last 5 years. And, if she did then, after three complaints, the United States Postal Services would investigate the complaints. They cannot just fire her, or suspend her because some drunk, lying teenage girl, who was dating her son at the time (whom didn't talk to his mother), complained about her. There is too many conflicting pieces adding up to seem like you would do anything to ruin people's lives. (Not just Devin's, but others' too, including your ex-boyfriend's, daughter's and their family.) If there was any evidence that Devin was "sabotaging" you like you think, how reliable would it be? You could be doing it to get at her, like you do to all the people you don't like. Don't think we don't know, living on such a small island, what you do to people to ### them over and ruin their lives, you stupid ### as ###.
Again, agreeing with ardithbbb... before you try to fix other people's problems, you should maybe work on your own and completely fix them. Get a job, help pay for your child's needs, pay off your debts for the D.U.Is you have occurred, and get on the wagon instead of staying out all night, partying, sneaking shots outside of the Islander resort!

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