Longwood IndustriesCell Phone Solicitation

Longwood Industries called me three times and then left a message on my cell me some song and dance about how they could help me sell my "vehicle" for a small "fee". These creeps got my cell number off of a Craigslist Ad, and I know this because that's the only place I've put my cell number in public ever. When I called them to tell them what action I took (I sent the message and Longwood phone number to my State's Attorney General) they gave me this "sir, we are a non-profit" line. What, your non-profit status is supposed to make me less mad that you are soliciting me on my cell phone? Get a clue Longwood, quit complaining about how misunderstood you are and just quit calling people on their cell phones. If you can't find another way to gather leads get in another line of business. And please, don't use whatever non-profit status you may have to tar and feather and diminish the good work that many non-profit's do.

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