longbeach acceptance / harrassement,forging signatures on caontract

This is the worst company ever. I purchased a car from a Toyota Dealer in Nyack N.Y . The car sales guy and I agreed to $300.00 a month for a car payment. He stated, if you take this loan for the car you can re-establish your credit by making the payments on time.I agreed and sent my payments in to Long Beach Acceptance in Paramus, N.J for 3 months straight. Only to receive phone calls using Foul language at 8pm and 10pm at night from the company stating I'm late. I told them they must be mistaken, I've only had the car 3 months. and I paid on time. They claim I was behind and threaten to repossess the car. I went to the Toyota dealer only to get ignored and the guy that helped me they claim he moved to another dealer. So, I went to Paramus, Long Beach Acceptance company and asked to speak to the manager. He explained to me he was very well aware of the payment and stated, it's 450.00 on there paperwork. He suggested I just pay it, if I want to fix my credit. So, we agreed to pay 800.00 of late payment fees and interest combined. I called the attorney general in WHITE Plains, N.Y. HE STATED IF THEY AGREED THEY MUST ABIDE BY IT. Well, I hired a lawyer to make a few phone calls to shake them up and they cursed him out and told him he was not a lawyer. The lawyer stated he never dealt with a company like that. So, I went to Long Beach Acceptance, LLC to make the agreed payment of 800.00 agreed upon by company. Can I tell I arrived at building at 6p.m to pay full amount. I left the building feeling relieved and finally peaceful with my decision. That night around 11p.m. a tow truck arrived and pick up my car. I told the guy I paid already. He said, "mam, take it up with the company". This is how consumers are treated. It is still on my credit today and they are sending me letters 10 years later. They auction my car off and left a balance of $ 9000.00. I will never ever pay this.

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