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My wife and i own a condo in west rogers park.There are two building of 13 units all together managed by bunch of SHARKS.We have been paying an association fee every month and that includes the heating gas.Absolutely nothing was done to keep up with the two buildings.Recently, city of chicago found out a list of building violations that long kogen inc. was aware of for a long time but never did a damn thing about it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILOn june 28th, peoples gas posted a notice on the building of past due heating bill!!!that they suppose to pay for with our association fee.By the way, Long kogen inc. has never informed us of a past due heating bill.We have roaches coming from the basement to our units during the night time.If i keep writing, i'll end up with a book.I am just feed up with these CROOKS.By the way, i filed a complain with Better Business Bureau.It will take a month to get a response.Still waiting

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  • Pa
      Dec 16, 2009

    did you get the response from BBB?

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  • Me
      Mar 22, 2011

    Long Kogen is managing our condo building too. One of our units claimed foreclosure a year ago, and the unit owner hasn’t paid the monthly assessment for almost a year, Long kogen just informed us during the condo meeting this February. and Long Kogen didn't bother to do anything. Now our Condo Association has to pay the $2000 deficit in our account, however, the innocent condo owners didn’t know we have to pay the bill.
    Also there is another unite owner keeps sending their monthly assessment check to a wrong address, and Long Kogen hasn't receive the monthly assessment from this unit for a year. They didn't do anything until the unit owner takes initiative and ask why the check hasn't get cashed every month.

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  • Na
      Apr 27, 2011

    Does any one know if Long Kogen has liability insurance? I was injured because of their gross negligence but they will not tell me the name of their insurance carrier. If you can help me please send it to danny.[protected]

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  • Gr
      May 29, 2013

    Disgusting con-artists. I rent from them. The day I was supposed to move in, I walk into my new apartment with the movers behind me to find all the walls were still wet with paint, the radiators were still pulled out, the bathroom was mid-caulk, and all of the maintenance peoples tools and trash were everywhere! Then my fridge died the first day Iwas there and iI had to wait a week for another one. When I tried to get money off the rent I was denied. I have made countless complaints about the rodents and roaches. The bug people never show up. I call the office to ask why and there is no communication. The biggest slob in my building is the building super who lives below me with his 25 kids. You would think at least one of those kids could take the trash our. But no, it sits there at the back door for a week and stinks to high hell. So disgusting.

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