Long John Silver's / service

Kallang Leisure mall, SG

So i ordered 2chicken and 3 shrimp meal, i asked for carribean spice . So this lady placed my tray to another counter as she wants to attend to abother customer . So when my food came, i didnt see my carribean spice (which was hidden behind my food) . So i said "Sorry but I asked for carribean spice" She came back and looked at the tray and then she pointed out and i said "Sorry i didnt see it" and she stared at me . Is this the service a customer should receive ? Long John Silver's food is nice thats why i always parronize you guys . But im utterly disappointed in the service i receive today . Wanted to get her name but she wasnt wearing a nametag . And when i want to take a picture, she was using her phone. Please get back to me ASAP

Long John Silver's

Nov 19, 2017

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