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Contracted for a garage door from LI garage door. Gave a deposit of 375 via visa. That night, decided to cancel the contract. Called the company the next business day and explained. They told me no problem. Was moving in a few days and had no internet access.

After a few weeks, got on the net and saw my credit is still not back. Filed a claim with visa, who gave me a temporary credit. Got a letter from the company, they were under the assumption that I wanted to postpone, not cancel. Explained again around labor day weekend, that I wanted to cancel not postpone. They understood and told me they would instruct merchant services to let the credit go through. I check my statement to see that instead of a credit adjustment, merchant services put through a debit adjustment, thus charging me again. I disputed with visa again, who gave me a temporary credit once again.

I check online and see the credit is reversed back by visa. I am told I have to fax something to fraud services to start an investigation. It is now late september. Finally hear from visa saying it is too late to dispute the charge and I am out of luck.

Spoke to the merchant again. He tells me he told merchant services to put the credit through, but I see a debit. I am told by 'Jason' who deals with merchant services that there is nothing he can do. Visa says there is nothing they can do. As far as I see, I canceled the contract in 1 day, asked for a credit, got none, filed a dispute a few days later, got a temp credit, company re-debited not credited my account.

Bottom line, I canceled in time, don't have a garage door and the company has my money and wont give it back.

Any ideas how to proceed? I filed with the BBB of NY, but they are a joke all together.


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