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I hope that with my complaint you will think 3 times before using Long & Foster. I hire agent from the Burtonsville MD, Long & Foster to sell my house and find me another home, I was bless that my home had a contract with four weeks, but my L&F agent had no interest in finding me a place to live know that my daughter was graduating May 09, 2015. L& F agent was not looking for a house of rental I was looking for myself and she offer not help at the last 2 week of closing she came up with her daughter condo in laurel that was not renting and they were behind on the payments, the condo have no working washer or dryer no working dish washer stove works sometimes, microwave don't have a plate inside to sit your cup on to heat up, the bathroom and tub is all damage . Mrs. Watson charge me $1300 per month plus utilities that is running $300.00 a month.
Well Mrs. Watson condo AC stop working and she was upset because I ask her to fix it, I was out of AC for 5 days and had to be home for 3 day to wait for the repair man to come and fix the AC, she refused to give me any refund on the rent until I call the housing inspector since I suffer from high blood pressure .
This have cause me thousands of dollars for moving and selling my furniture because I had no place to store them, I wanted to have my things and not in storage, . When I reach out to Mr. Foster father and son they had no respect to call, they had a person to call me and dear me to file charges against long & foster, he went on to say that the rental had nothing to do with them and the breach of my contract between the agent and me for selling my home and finding another home for me was between agent and I, this was very troublesome to me I've signed documents from long & foster, and they are saying it means nothing, I'm not a lawyer but a person that works very hard and to have this company take advantage and to cause me so much money and pain, it was sad. I'm not sure why the real estate board and ethics would allow people like us to be taken advantage of by Long and Foster and agent, .If anyone can help me with this matter please send me a message.

Jul 16, 2016
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      Jul 29, 2018

    There needs to be a Negative 0 rating here to choose from. This company is a SCAM and something needs to be done about their lack of fulfilling THEIR end of the contract, and the customer service... lets just say i was foaming at the mouth by the end of the 6th phone call to these folks... On the advise of our realtor and mortgage company when we purchased our home on Valentines Day 2018, we took their words of advise and decided to go with Long & Foster home warranty as well as home insurance which is thru AGI (thru Long & Foster) because it was the company that the whole realtor/mortgage team uses. We also decided to pay extra and get the extended warranty to cover well and septic. Our air went out in May so we had to replace the outside unit as well as the air handler. The cost to have this done was $5200.00. They only said they would pay $2800.00!! I called to make the claim, temperatures were in the 80-90s (it was cooler outside than it was inside) explained the urgency that I had 4 kids and my 85 y.o. grandmother who is in a hospital bed upstairs and can't move without help. They told me it would be a "medical emergency" and would escalate the claim. Almost a week goes by of me calling every day, being told something different by all different people who had no clue what was going on, and then to finally be told 6 days later after my first call to them "Sorry but we don't have a service provider in your area". ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? Never once were we told when you took our money for the warranty and extended warranty, and we actually got a welcome pack from Long and Foster with everything that we paid for that was covered. They told us we would have to find our own provider so we did. (needless to say by day 8 we had air again. We should of been told immediately when i made the claim, no service provider, we could of had it fixed sooner) We paid the $5200 out of pocket because we had no choice. it was an emergency. Long and Foster pulled the ol' "Check is the Mail" scam. It took 6 weeks from the time i made the claim to the time we actually got the check. My husband was on the phone daily going back and forth about what they were going to pay which they did pay the full reimbursement. (again 6 weeks for a check is unacceptable in an "emergency". It gets forward a month and a half, on a saturday, our well pump goes out, no water . (remind you we bought the extended warranty to specifically cover sewer and well.) Being told no one was in our service area, we found someone local to come out on that Monday and again paid out of pocket almost $1200.00. (2 days, no water, 85 y.o. grandma, 4 teenage kids) I was preparing meals with bottled water at this point. The plumber pulled the well pump that was 15 years old, replaced the pump, wiring, & hardware. New pump, new wiring, makes sense, why would you put 15 year old wiring on a new pump..right..??? WRONG by Long and Foster. Long and Foster now refuses to pay the claim and reimburse us because the plumber replaced the wires and says that means it was an electrical issue and our home warranty does not cover electrical!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY IF THEY HAD A GUN TO MY HEAD. SAVE YOUR SELF THE UNNECESSARY STRESS, TIME, PHONE CALLS, AND SANITY AND FIND ANOTHER COMPANY!! We are going to cancel this home warranty with them and find a new home owners insurance company. We are worried that if something happens to our home and have to go thru their underwriter AGI that we will have nothing but issues since we still have to go thru Long and Foster. I will be reporting this company to the BBB. This company is horrible and their non sense of screwing people over any way they can is totally unacceptable on so may levels.

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