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Londonderry Dodge / Terrible Terrribel sevice

1 13333 Fort Rd NWEdmonton, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 780- 473-6388

I have never ever recived sevice like this in my life.
I had been talking to a sales rep on the phone to see if they had a vechical on the lot or if they could get one in for me to potentially buy. The rep said he would check it out further if i was interested in only purcahsing a vechial from them so I said ok. I gave them the description of what kinds of features, colors and what price i was looking at paying. He told me that he had located one and that he could have it shiped in so that I could come into the dealership to look at it. I called the next day to see if it wasa still there they told me the price would be 18, 700 for a nort model jeep patriot with cloth seats, A/C and automatis transmission. I was pleased to hear that so i said i would be in on the weekend and that i wanted to see the vechical before i saw it, he said ok. I called the next day to see if they could fax me some of the papers so i had an i dea of what kind of vechical i was gonna buy. He told me he was gonna call back cuz he had to talk to the finance manager. I never recieved another phone call. When i called to check up the day after the sales rep was gone and so was the finance manger. i was passed to another finance manger but no such luck i was passed to the business manger who did not pickup his phone. I was later told that the vecical I was told about had not been located and that it hadn't really been searced for completly. I decided i was gonna go look at what they had on the lot . I went there looked around a new sales rep approched me showed me some models, and decided to take a basic sport model patriot for a test drive, it had no A/C and vinal seats and standard transmission. we went in side to do some paper work. i aske them what the price was the told me 18, 465. I didn't belive that a basic model would cost pretty much the same price and a model that had more opptions. They later estimated that payments would be roughly 389/ month for 72 months. I thought to my self that too high to pay for a vechical that was advertised on their web page for 14, 695 a difference of just over 4000 dollars i told them this the finance manger brought in the business manger who made the payment slightly lower by 10 dollars tried to take of the disability on the warrenty. i told him that it would be a terrible move to take disability off the warrenty and told him that i was done with the sale and that I wanted my 500 dollar deposit back. He looked at me and said " well if this car costs too much for you maybe you should look at a cheaper vecical instead like a caliber!'' I was completly shocked at what he had said i was just trying to protect myself from over paying for a car. The finance manger came back into the room didn't look at me and started typing and changing things around not elling me whta he was doing to change the price. I kept saying no the every thing he said to they were not listening i almost gave in because they would not listen so i settled took a break from the room came back and told him that i wanted to think about it before i had a definate yes the finance manger replied" WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" I was shocked and asked that they return my deposit he asked for my credit card walked out the room and walked away lookinat me and said rudely "I'M REFUNDING THE DEPOSIT BACK ONTO YOUR CARD!" I was given a recipt that said correction but i have never ever been treated so terribly for asking questions and staning up for myself .

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  • Mo
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    Cheatersssssssssssssss a few

  • Bi
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree...sneaky and very greedy. I was inquiring about a vehicle which was kind of a decent price( still a little pricey if you ask me ). I called them and let them know my interest and I informed that that I would fill out an financial application. A day later as I was going to fill out the form I noticed that they increased the price of the vehicle quite a lot from what it was the day before. I thought this was very unprofessional practice and I let them know that along with the fact that I would not be needing their service! I advise others to go elsewhere, where your buisness will be much more appreciated and not be taken advantage of!

  • Sc
      18th of Jul, 2012
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    That sounds like them. I refuse to ever deal with them ever again.

  • Jo
      8th of Jun, 2015
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    The worst service I've ever had with buying a vehicle. I bought a new doge nitro back in 2007 and I was going to put down 5000 cash in a couple of days when I picked up the vehicle. I was passed onto a sales rep and because he wanted to look at the papers I thought...but after he started asking me for a cash deposit that day of a couple hundred...and I told hi. I didn't get paid for two days...he kept going down to 100 then 50. As this was my first time buying a new vehicle I didn't know much about buying new..but I know that any money that dirty sales rep could get from me was going into his bar tab. I wanted to tear up the contract right then and there but I didn't have time to go searching for another vehicle. The story gets better. ...

    For some reason they wernt able to hand over two sets of keys. Cause they said thier key machine was jammed or something...(I'm assuming they thought they would be doing a repo soon or something) and they said they would send the keys to me in the mail. I called them after a month...and when I was out working my wife recieved a package from these ###s...inside the package was a large ball of tape and after taking a long time of cutting through this ball of tape...there was my nitro key in the center.

    I keep hoping I'll see that one seedy sales rep around sometime...I'm going to blacken. Oth his eyes.

  • Ka
      31st of Jul, 2015
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    As a Sales Manager myself I am appalled by the dealings of this salesman, the initial phone conversation was fine but it quickly turned ugly via text. I do not have to explain my circumstances to anybody but I have spent soo much time seeking the right vehicle and thought this was the one...clearly not! What I do expect is to be treated seriously and with bloody respect, this is the absolute basics of being a salesman.

    I requested a CarProof 3days ago which never came and then he proceeded to have a laugh at my expense and make a bet with me. I am not one to offend easily or to waste peoples time, so I was happy to take his loosing bet. Although an insincere appology given, he still chose to waste my time and not provide my request.
    Totally uncalled for, extremely unprofessional and to gamble with customers? ...he would be repremanded if he was one of my staff!

    Here is the content of those texts:

    Me: Has a CarProof been done on this? If so, can you please email through to
    I won't make any decisions until I have spoken to my husband

    Salesman:Yes absolutely totally understandable, you should receive it shortly

    Me: Thank you, appreciated

    Me (24hrs later): Hi, unfortunately I have not received the CarProof for this vehicle. To be very honest with you, I will only make time to come down their if we could negotiate on a price between $16, 000 - $17, 000? We are very busy with 3 kids and I am adamant I will be driving away with something by Friday. I now have to be very selective with our timing to visit dealerships.

    Salesman:I can resend the the carproof but if you find a 2009 Chevy Avalanche for 16-17, 000 I will buy 2 of them donate one and give the other to you

    Me: If you can put that in writing and signed as a legal document I'm happy to keep you to it

    Salesman: Hahaha hahaha

    Salesman: Let's do it!

    Me (yesterday): I'm not fond of wasting peoples time so, If you want to put that in writing and signed as a legal document I'm happy to keep you to it. That's a big gamble for you and a free vehicle for me, so I'm in

    Salesman: I am sorry maybe we got off on the wrong foot. All our vehicles are certified by Journey men Mechanics. Nothing leaves this building if it doesn't pass inspection. Therefore we can get a fair price for our units

    Me today: nothing wrong with my feet thanks, must be yours. That doesn't answer the question nor has it provided the CarProof that was requested 3days ago.

    Salesman today: I see. Well if the the price doesn't attract you my friend, what go would giving you a carproof do?

    Me today:From a Sales Manager to a salesperson - Dick move mate! Situations always change. We were initially approved at $17k at my own request and because I liked your truck so much I upped the amount to $24k +fees & gst which has just been approved 30mins ago. I'll take my cash elsewhere because I can be sold on great customer service no sweat...evidently yours s*cks and are a great time waster! Sales 101: don't waste peoples time or treat customers like shxx!

    Update with the money you just lost:
    Within an hour of my last text above
    Not only have I found a 2009 Chevy Avalanche for $16, 500 but I have just given my cash to a dealership for a 2010 Avalanche with extremely low kms for a dam sight less than your 2009 AND your 2010 sitting on your lot right now! And guess the only reason why I went to them - impeccable customer service! I am always happy to help a salesman get his commission if I'm treated with respect and not messed around!

    Not only did he get his commission but a hefty tip and a boost on the dealerships end of month kpi and sales on the last day of the month - good on them!

    Your salesman at Londonderry Dodge just smacked the nails in the coffin for your dealership. I will not recommend this place and I will redirect anyone know away from you guys full stop.
    No need to contact me or respond, one bad apple has spoilt it for the rest thanx, far beyond repair here.

  • Do
      9th of Jul, 2016
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    A longtime customer no more! Thought I was getting a good deal when Londonderry Dodge called me in to make a trade on my truck, save some money and get a newer truck...sounded like a great deal! When I asked if the newer truck model had all the same features, they assured me it did. The only difference was the seats were fabric and did not have the cooling option, this was fine by me. The new truck was not at the dealership during the trade in and they did not provide me with a summary sheet of the new trucks features but I trusted the sales team I was dealing with.
    When I received the new truck I was very happy, only to find it did not come with a car starter. They had assured me every feature was the same and when I mentioned how I upset I was to find that it didn't have a car starter, they said they couldn't do anything. This will now be a $400-$700 expense out of pocket because i was lied to by this dealership. I cannot believe that after purchasing 3 separate vehicles from them they didn't care to resolve this situation. They have lost a customer for life and we will also advise all our friends and family to go elsewhere. Extremely disappointed!

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