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London Cleaners / Unprofessional Customer Service

1 Erin Mills Town Centre, Erin Mills ParkwayMississauga, Ontario, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 905-569-0352

London Cleaners at Erin Mill Town Centre, Mississauga treated their customer (me) rudely when I was seeking for a reasonable explanation for my brand new, $79 + tax, black skirt bought in Urban Outfitter being damaged after the dry clean and press.
First, I requested for press only service, which most of other dry clean stores offer. The lady said they only do dry clean + press service so I had no choice but pay for the price. Unexpectedly it turned out that my brand new used-to-be black buttons turned into silver buttons as the black paint on the buttons was worn out after cleaning.
I talked to some clothing professionals and they told me that the dissolvent dry clean stores use will damage buttons or belts with paint on them.
Second, they did not notify me the moment I picked it up (and actually they made a delay of the order as the date they told me to pick up originally was on 17 Mar stating that the factory was shut down that day and it turned out I had to go pick it up again on 24 Mar (Tue)). I found it out myself when I got home. I returned it to London Cleaners the next day in hope for a well explanation. They lady said she would refer it to her manager (/owner) the day after.
Third, I never intended to them that I need any financial compensation as my first priority. What I value is having a good explanation plus at least an apology. This has to be very clear.
So, next day the manger/owner called me at noon. I can simply summarize his rude conversation here (but I cannot express totally his tone and attitude as I will need an audio recorder and I should have prepared):
1. He is not responsible for it: I can tell right a way that this is not the customer service everyone looks for and I am sure 100% is and will be a stake for the business. When you shut your door to your customer (who may have high potential to be a loyal customer especially for this industry) right at his/her face, you’d better have a 100% strong reason behind that.
2. He did not know about the damage: I guess this is 0% strong and is not a reason. This does not make sense.
3. The factory people did not let him know: I understand that somehow. But it is still his responsibility. This shows that there is a very poor communication between the store and its cleaning factory. The problem now goes to his internal operation. However, HE STILL REINFORCED THAT IT IS NEITHER HIS OR HIS CLEANING FACTORY’S PROBLEM BUT ME.
4. Should go complain to the manufacturer but not him: he told me that it is a poor manufacturing that I should complain to the store I bought instead of his service. I can’t deny that later he told me that a policy statement saying they are not responsible for any risk in garment buttons, belts and so on. However, THIS POLICY IS STATED ON THE RECEIPT, THAT MEANS YOU WOULD NOT KNOW YOU ARE AT RISK ANYWAY UNTIL YOU AGREED TO TAKE THE SERVICE, unless they notify you beforehand and of course they DID NOT NOTIFY ME IN ADVANCE. And they did not let me know about the damage after either.
5. He told me to take my skirt back and has nothing else to talk to me: thank you for your service Mr. businessman
I managed a dry cleaning store before and I know the operation and how to deal with your customer very well. Customer loyalty is the key for this industry. You will notify your customer, either through calling or notice before they pick up, about any issue of concern about his/her garment to show your integrity and sincerity even you may not be responsible for it. Your attitude often matters more than anything and it could pay off by just showing your concern and apology, whenever applicable, without any further compensation. Of course, a considerable compensation offer will give a better chance to retain a dissatisfied customer.
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