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We recently did business with Loman Ford after our 2005 F250 Ford truck broke down in New Jersey. We had the vehicle towed to Loman Ford and after they looked at the vehicle they said it would be [protected] dollars to repair it. Thus, we contacted Ford Motor company and then sales at Loman Ford via the telephone to discuss replacing the 2005 truck with a 2009. We spoke with Kevin and Greg in sells at Loman Ford and they informed us that they worked as a team and we could deal with either one of them. After finding a new truck that I liked on Loman Fords web page, Kevin informed me that they did not have that particular truck but they could get me a similar one. After several days Greg and Kevin called back saying they had a truck which met my needs. We worked on a price and they faxed us several contracts (which I have copies of). During this process I told them that we were waiting for rebates and an X-plan from Ford which they said was no problem. They applied the appropriate rebates to the contracts and we waited for the x-plan information number from Ford. During this time we discussed several times that we were not repairing the 2005 truck and that we were purchasing a new one. Both Kevin and Greg told us that they were aware of this had told the service department and that we owed nothing on our 2005 F250 to the service department since were trading it in etc. We also called the service department to make sure they understood we were not repairing the vehicle and we specifically asked if we owed anything to them and they said NO. We received the x-plan information from Ford and gave it to Greg and Kevin. A day later Kevin called us late in the evening saying that they could no longer sell us the truck with the x-plan. I called Ford Motor Company and complained. The next morning Greg called us and said there was a mistake and they would sell us the truck as in the contract. We arranged to pick up the following week. The day before we were to pick up truck I called and spoke to Greg and faxed him information they needed for paperwork. During the conversation he again said there was no charge in the Service Dept. but if I wanted running boards added to the truck it would be extra. I told him I DID NOT want running boards. The next day I went to pick up the truck. Greg was not there and a man named Art said he was handling the transaction. The paperwork was incorrect and had to be redone. The price of the deal was incorrect as we had been charged for the Service repairs and running boards. After telling Art we had been told we owed nothing to the Service Dept. he said that we did, but that he would refund cost of running boards etc. I wanted to get out of Loman Ford so against my good judgment paid the Service Dept. fees, and Art gave me a refund for the over charge for the running boards. I paid cash and trade in for the new 2009 F250 and left. About three hours later Greg called me and said they made a mistake and that we now owed them 500 dollars more. Then the next day when I went to cash the 800 + dollar refund check from Loman I discovered it was an invalid check. I called Art and he said he would investigate and get back to me which he never did.


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      Nov 10, 2011
    Loman Ford Woodbridge New Jersey - Sales contract
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    Just recently my dad purchased a Ford F-150 from loman ford. He traded in his 2005 Ford F-150. It took two weeks for them to get the vehicle to him. Prior to him even purchasing the vehicle he did all the paper work and set up the contract on what he had to put down and what his monthly payments would be. After all was said and done and the contract was final a week later he was able to pick up a truck. He picked the truck up one night the next day the sales guy Kenny called him and said it was one more paper to be signed. We went to sign the paper only to find out that was a lie. He told us he was not the one who set up the paper work and according to what was given to him the deal couldn't be done that way. He said he would have to put down another 1, 000. on top of the 2, 000 he put down along with the trade in deal of them giving him 11, 000. for his truck. Kenny then told him he would have to lease the truck with the option to buy at the end instead of financing it. We asked him why he said he had to ask his boss. He then said we would have to restructure the deal. My dad then told him he wasn't interested in leasing a vehicle with the option to buy at the end. He told us that was the only way to do it. So we said well give us back his truck and the money he put down and we would go elsewhere. He kept on saying no I don't want to take the truck back. For three hours they gave us the run around telling us the boss was trying to work something out. We could not understand what the issue was the truck he had was financed and he just decided to get rid of it. We told him no more money was going to be paid and we was not restructing the deal if they wanted to change anything we did not want the truck. Kenny told us he would call us later in regards to the contract. We made it clear it was either what we worked out in the begginning or there was no deal at all. to date we are still waiting to find out what will be done in regards to the contract. We are going by the contract we signed and the amount we agreed to pay for the vehicle.

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      Dec 06, 2011

    The worst part is they rob the cystomers, then they dont pay the sales people too!!!

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