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Lola Devonne, Dream Catcher Ranch Ojai, Have a Heart Ranch / fraud, theft, perjury, severe animal abuse, neglect and deaths

1 Ojai CA - Los Angeles CA, United States Review updated:

Lola Devonne
Lola Vensel
Lola Devonne Vensel
several other aliases
Fake "non-profits" that are not non-profits but fake orgs to use abused animals and photos of animals to get donations to pay for her Mercedes, and other luxury goods while the few animals she has in her possession die from starvation, disease and neglect.
Cited 120 times by Animal Control in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, has had numerous animals confiscated before she had a chance to kill them, this monster continues to squat on landlords property, never pay rent, run them through eviction court to get free rent for months, leave with hundreds of thousands of bills and rent and damages left unpaid, and she moves on to the next property and creates a new name for her fraudulent enterprise to keep bilking unsuspecting animal lovers for more money.
Documented, pregnant cow with calf, five turkeys, two pigs, un-numbered amount of chickens and her own dog she let get run over by UPS truck all in the span of one year in 2017, she continues to gather abused animals to exploit them til they die from neglect in her possession. She refuses to get licensed veterinary care or feed the animals with donations she receives.
The worst part of Lola Devonne is she stalks others and files frivolous lawsuits against rescuers who come in to save the animals she is killing, and also attacks the minor children of the people trying to save the animals she is killing.
here are her websites
She also gets men to fund her endeavors by pulling them into sexual relationships, stealing as much money as she can from them, and keeping a string of these men going all at the same time. Her nickname in the community is the black widow.
Recently she launched a smear campaign against a child's non-profit and the child, to gain more support for her fraudulent enterprises.
If you have been a victim of Lola Devonne, Vensel, or any number of her other aliases you can contact us via email for evidence and facts to assist your case against her.
Take action before she keeps harming more innocent animals and donors who have no idea what she is actually doing. If you are being bullied, threatened, or harassed by Lola Devonne / Vensel please email us for the district attorney contact information you need to support the current criminal investigation against her.
Also purports herself to be vegan but isn't. She simply makes the claim so she can leach off the vegan community for support and donations.

  • Updated by 123WhistleBlower, Sep 06, 2018

    Lola Devonne / Vensel / and other aliases operates also in Los Angeles California
    she has no registered 501 c3
    All donations go to her personal bank account and she lets her animals die of hunger and disease while she drives her Mercedes and visits her boyfriend in Africa.

Sep 5, 2018
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  • Co
      19th of Sep, 2018
    -1 Votes

    This sounds like it was written by Amanda Copeland the same mentally unstable woman who has been threatening and harassing Lola and the LA vegan community for years. Amanda has stalked this woman like something out of a horror movie. Amanda Copeland aka Manders Malloy has a warrant for her arrest and is now known for abusing her own daughter Lila Copeland physically and emotionally. She is also NOT vegan but is a predator in the vegan community pretending to be and is a dangerous alcoholic and drug abuser. Do not believe anything written here as she cleverly created many of the scenarios to hurt Lola and many others in our community. Amanda is banned from all animal rights groups in LA which is why you will never see her and the outstanding warrant for her arrest has a lot to do with that as well. Lola is an amazing person doing incredible work. Do not become blind sided by information written by a jealous, raging alcoholic and child abuser.

  • 12
      21st of Sep, 2018
    +2 Votes

    @Coxi This is Lola Devonne, Lola Vensel, Lola Smith, Lola Clark there are too many aliases to cover them all.

    This is a grown woman with severe mental illness that shows itself as serial violence, who has launched a cyerbullying campaign against a 16 year old child to end her non-profit work for animals and the environment. These posts on the internet including the mother are just more cyber stalking. If you are also a victim to this mentally ill woman's legal harassment, violent threats and bullying as seen here against the child, please contact Ventura County District Attorney immediately as she is being investigated and prosecuted for her many crimes of fraud, perjury, filing false court documents, now cyberstalking is added to the list, criminal animal abuse and neglect. Help the DA put her behind bars where she belongs. 805-654-2500

  • Co
      21st of Sep, 2018
    -1 Votes

    Wrong again! You have made many enemies during your destructive behavior. Tell everyone that Lila was taken from you by children services due to abuse! Tell everyone that you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest you criminal! The vegan community is happy that you are on the run! Thank you karma! You will continue to bleed and get what you deserve for all of the pain you have created. We hope you get caught and locked up for the rest of your miserable sad life. You deserve it all for what you have done. We just hope Lila doesn’t turn out like you and that she is with people that actually love her and not forcing their dreams on to her. You’re the worst mother ever and hopefully she is healing and becoming better in spite of your trauma!

  • Is
      26th of Sep, 2018
    -1 Votes

    Wow, I just landed on this and am amazed by the amount of lies Amanda Copeland wrote about Lola. Lola is an awesome person doing truly amazing things with her life. Amanda Copeland is nothing more than a disgruntled fan, who went too far, showing up at Lola's home, begging for attention. I was there, and I witnessed Amanda stalking Lola. It was really scary. Amanda, YOU NEED HELP. I get why you're obsessed with Lola, I mean, she's really pretty, she's successful, and she has accomplished so much for being so young. You just need to stop, Amanda. Everyone in the animal rescue community already knows you're insane, and now people are learning about the $100, 000 bench warrant for your arrest, issued because you attacked a child! PSYCHO!!! Literally everything you are claiming about Lola and dozens of other women just like her, is nothing more than lies. We support you, Lola! Keep doing the amazing work you're doing and don't let a psycho, violent, pathological liar, scum of the earth child abuser and stalker like Amanda Copeland get you down. Amanda, everyone already knows the truth about you, so these stupid posts only PROVE how completely insane and violent you are. Please, keep posting! We're showing EVERYTHING to the DA, judges and law enforcement to ensure you spend the rest of your life in prison, where you belong!

  • Is
      26th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    If anyone sees Amanda Copeland, the PSYCHO fugitive who wrote a bunch of defamatory stuff on the internet about a bunch of women, including Lola DeVonne, be sure to call your local police or sheriff station's non-emergency number and let them know there is a FUGITIVE with a $100, 000 bench warrant, and to please come pick her up! They'll show up and haul her crazy butt to prison where she belongs!!!

  • Is
      26th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    I've known Lola DeVonne for 4 years. She has NEVER harmed an animal. She does amazing rescue work and I wish everyone could witness the love and kindness she shows to every person and animal she meets. Some CRAZY STALKER has been trying to ruin Lola's reputation allllll because Lola told the crazy chick to leave her alone! Like, seriously? You can't take a hint, Amanda? NO ONE LIKES YOU! NO ONE BELIEVES YOUR LIES! Everyone in the community knows Amanda Copeland is a criminal and that she's been stalking Lola for years. She is sooooo pathetic! LOL

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