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I am extremely upset with the way I have been treated by Lokey Subaru of Port Richie Fl. I Bought a 2011 Mazda3s GT from them several months ago. When I bought the car I was told there were 2 keys. When I took delivery of the car they could not find the 2nd key. I was givin a "we owe" stating that they would get me the 2nd key.

Someone from the dealership bought a key blank on eBay and mailed it to me. Then I had to argue with them over getting the key programmed. Finally they agreed to have the key programmed. Upon the programming process it is discovered that the key given to me was not compatible with my car. I went back a few more times trying to get this taken care of.

Finally today 12/04/12 @ 4:15pm I was informed by Spiro Marangos the GM that he was not going to honor the "We Owe" and that he would not pay to get a key for a used car. (keep in mind that the car is a 2011 and only has 7000 miles). When I asked him for his card. He said he didn't have one. I asked him to write down his name and phone #. He tossed a pen across the desk at me with a nasty look. I had to ask for a piece of paper to write on. When I asked him for his name. He barked it out quickly. I asked him how to spell it, He looks at me blankly. I had to ask him how to spell his name a couple of times.

I am still in disbelief the way General Manager Spiro Marangos talked down to me like I was a looser and refused to follow thru with our agreement. Not to mention that the cost of a key is worth loosing a customer over.

Now I am filing a law suit over a key! Thanks Lokey!

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  • Ra
      Dec 07, 2012

    So ...what I get to is that you're gonna line some lawyer's pocket over a stupid car key. I don't remember ever using the second key I've gotten with a car - only the part where I dig around in the junk drawer at sale time.

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