Lok ViharIlligal structure

With great regret I have to inform you about a poor vigilance and ignorance. This is regarding an illegal construction is being built up in front of A block Lok Vihar ( Pitampura) NDPL office. This is right under nose of MCD workers as well as police as they pass daily from here. If construction and build up is not stopped now it will create nuisance on main road including traffic jams. This is being converted to a temple which in future will block road. This is my sincere request to stop this now as there is another temple about 2 mts away. You will have to take legal action to stop it and demolish illegal structure. Are we so helpless to allow any body to do whatever he or she feels like? There is no law and order or civic sense in city. Hope you see to it that this is stopped and remove it.


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