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Yesterday evening Monday the 15th, 2017. Myself and four others were seating on the bar side. Our waitress did not give us her name. I had to ask what the food specials were, and drink specials. My drink was WAY under poured. It tasted like a normal glass of lemonade, yet I paid for a strawberry margarita. My husband ordered. Buffalo chicken sandwich WITHOUT the tomato, lettuce, and onion. Yet his sand which came out with all of that on it. My sister ordered a side salad with out the croutons, yet her salad was FULL of them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Portage, MIMy mom ordered a steak Medium well. There was NO pink in it. When we said the steak was not cooked by what we asked the waitress was hesitant then asked if we "wanted her to have them make a new one" REALLY?!? Yes! My glass was empty the entire time I had my food, I have to ask her to refill it, and asked 3 times before she brought me the lemons I asked for. The steak was so over cooked it was not even cutable. And to top the whole night off, there are black Nats flying all over are food the entire meal!!! Seriously the worse service I have ever had!!

May 16, 2017
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  •   May 16, 2017

    Why did you need her name? It's on your receipt. Personally, I don't care what my server's name is and if they tell me, I won't remember it. If I really need it for later, I know I can simply look at my receipt.

    Alcoholic drinks are prepared by the bartender, not your server. Servers are not even allowed behind the bar in most restaurants, only the bartender and mgmt. You should have sent the drink back and requested a new one. Servers do not prepare the meals, cooks do that. Any food complaints should have been dealt with by requesting a manager. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the server asking if you wanted a new steak. She was simply doing her job by clarifying how you wanted your complaint handled. The lack of drink refills is the fault of the server. The black gnats is something I've never seen in a restaurant before and I don't know the cause but I am going to say that I personally feel that's on the manager to have dealt with that.

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