locsnaturalsandmore.comregular loc maintenance gone wrong; damage to my natural locs

I have been using a loctician for a year and have been getting my natural loc maintanance every six weeks. After a year of her providing my service I noticed that my hair looked like it was thinning. When I arrived for my scheduled maintainance, I told my loctician that my hair seems to be thinning. She asked me where and I pointed to the top of my head. At that time I had no idea what was going on and expected her to examine my hair and inform me of what was happening to my locs. She continued as usual with the maintenance, I paid & tipped her and she let me go to discover on my own later that my locs had been damaged and extremely reduced in size to tiny tiny locs. A few days later, I contact her and ask her if my locs were thinning naturally or if my locs were smaller due to the way she was doing the maintenance. She responded by telling me how I can tell if they were thinning naturally. I told her that I was going to unravel them and she asked me how. I told her and she wished me good luck and invited me to stop by the shop whenever i'm in the area. I did contact the manager and asked for a refund and she said she couldn't do that. She suggested I come in and get an updo and I told her I don't do that type of style. She did offer to provide me free service.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Garner, NC I aggreed but the problem was that she made me an appointment with another sylist in her shop that I had previously used and I was not going to let her touch my hair. My locs are in such bad shape and to get them growing on track I will need to get maintenance every three weeks vs. Six weeks and I will need to have it palmed rolled & curled so it would not looks so thin. The curls are $30 more than I normally pay for the service. So now I am paying twice as much to restore my locs. I contacted the stylist if she would pay for the extra services or give me a refund for 8 months of a disservice to my hair. She acts like she had nothing to do with this and did not recommend anything. I'm ok at this point that she has avoided dealing with me on this subject. What i'm not ok with is that she has not taken any responsibility and I am spending twice as much to restore my hair. I need the refund to pay for the additional very needed services. I drove 40 minutes to loc natural & more because I thought they were the best natural hair salon. Because the loctician did not take controll of the problem during my last sheduled maintenance and again after a phone call and again with a text and another text, I will not be driving 40 minutes again because she neglected to acknowledge the problem the last time I sat in her chair. My last contact with jamenia morgan was this morning @ 6:49 am asking her to pay for the extra services needed and she has not responded as of 2:30 pm. My locs are 12 years old and ruined. I need the refund to pay for the additional very needed services to repair and restore.

Dec 01, 2018

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