Lockhart, Lumphruny - Jenny Lockhart / Unsafe, unlivable hazard

1 Bellevue, Nebraska, NE, United States

MY, name is Deber, Hall I been living at 8613 so 13th street room #3 since April, 1th jenny wont fix no ones rooms all is unlivable, unsafe not, inappropriate built the walls just threw, up together just to rent to people when we ask too fix something she asks for more money after we pay rent try to make seem like we owe money then harass, try too put us out after making agreements with us all that live here at 8613, so 11th street her and her husband have, more property's in the same condition, some the city gave violation and sicker, put on building to fix or face the consequences, this is why I am filing my complaint, because of this I am moving out may, 27th, thank you miss Deber, Hall [protected] PO, box 7140 Omaha, NE 68107 landlord address is 10019 south 9th Cr, Bellevue, Ne 68123 phone number [protected]

May 2, 2017

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