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1 17870 Newhope Street, Suite 104-167 (MAILBOX)CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-635-6225

Local Spash signed me up on 11/10/2009 for some advertnizing that I was told would be 99.00 for the setup with the 2nd month free, and I would see results <listings> in the first 2 weeks. by

i get billed 258.00, nothing happened for 60 days, I called multiple times no responses. When I finally got ahold of and discussed it with him he let me know that Msteer's was let go and that my account had fallen between the cracks. Fortunately I had paid with americanexpress and reversed the card, and now they are attempting to send me to collections.

So we have a service that was charged almost 2.5 Times the amount.
No Service was provided.

Do NOT do business with these people. They are not honest, they are misleading and dishonest.

I've spent 15 years advertizing in San Diego, This is by Far the WORST company you could work with.


I'll take the credit hit with our excellent credit, and try and tell others to avoid this company!

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  • Fi
      16th of May, 2010
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    And they put false information up. You are right.. Why does it take them so long?

  • Jo
      22nd of Mar, 2011
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    Caveat emptor, "Let the buyer beware".

    This Company wanted me to give them my credit card before, yes before, they would show me a contract.
    They also baited and switched the deal.
    I have been a contractor for 25 years. I have never heard of or seen a company ask for a credit card before allowing me a chance to identify the product I was buying.
    Joe Corbett 239-770-7531

  • Ab
      7th of Sep, 2012
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    local splash contacted me and i was stupid enough to go for it know my calls are going to other companies the put my phone number on skype and i do not subcribe to skype so the phone calls do not go through and someone else gets the call they have put me out of business we are know loseing our house and my 4 teenage daughter's are going on the street may god help my family.

    thank you local splash

    mr shunnarah
    abby's towing service

  • Cr
      2nd of Nov, 2013
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    FREE? (if they don't deliver...) NO WAY! - I'm pretty sure I'll still be out $700!

    I believe these localsplash sales people are deceptively over simplifying their sales pitch! They sure try to paint a pretty VERBAL picture of something that is really hard to claim nowadays for most competitive businesses, even if local. They said "Front page of the major search engines after the first month, or it's free" . Google shows about 12 results with details on the first page for an average search (on my PC with Firefox 23). Many others show 20, and honestly if you aren't up in the first "viewable" page, a potential buyer probably won't scroll down. I know google is not everything but it's a good indicator and they keep their search engines methods SECRET, and work to make it so you have to have good content and other notable interest - not just "keywords" and "optimization" . This "notable interest" takes time, like getting GOOD links from relative sites, etc. Also google dramatically changed their "Panda" search engine in to "Penguin" in April 2012, and the majority of testimonials at LS are from before that time...

    If they kept their verbal word, and were unsuccessful and gave businesses their money back cheerfully and simply, I might try it. Too many reviews out there say contrary so they aren't getting my money at this point in time.
    Even their wording is vague on their site... No where that I can find do they actually talk about real money figures, from their home page I clicked on "What we do" - which shows summaries of their services but no prices...

    SO I click "check out our product details here."
    (notice the word MAY?? )

    "Our product details:
    Local Splash offers a variety of different products. Here are some of the services and listings you MAY receive when you become a client of local SEO provider, Local Splash.

    Local Splash Basics
    Google Places Page (Verified and Optimized)
    Yahoo! Local Listing (Verified and Optimized)
    Yelp Listing
    Superpages Listing
    About Us Profile
    Relevant Yellow Directory Listing (4 Pages)
    - SEO’d content
    Geotargeted Landing Page (GLP) (4 Pages)
    - Unique URL and SEO’d content
    Experienced Live Customer Service
    - Technical support, advice, updating
    Performance Reporting
    - Google Analytics and Map Reporting
    Login to Manage Profiles

    Additional Features
    Online Video Ad
    - Placed on Relevant Yellow Profile and GLP
    YouTube Video Placement
    Google Adwords Management
    Custom Website Design (CWD)

    Local Splash will get your business on the first page of top search engines for your specified keywords. If we can’t, our service is free. Learn more about our Performance Promise.
    so I clicked the last line.. "Learn more about our Performance Promise."

    "Local Splash Performance Promise
    Give us 60 days and we’ll get your business found online.

    Local Splash promises that we will apply a credit for your next month of basic service if, after your second payment, your business is not on the first page of a major search engine using any of your ten desired Search Phrases in your local area (e.g. Attorney in Santa Rosa, plus nine other search phrases relevant to your business).
    I think they said $348 per month for the basic, I'm going to round it to $350.. THIS TO ME means your going to lay out about $700, then if they don't have you on *some" major search engine front page, they will give you a credit for the "basic service" PORTION of the THIRD month - which means I'm PROBABLY out $700 if no delivery of promised action.

    so their going to make us pay 2 FULL MONTHS before they give you the FREE third month CREDIT - to me that is " 1/3rd FREE service CREDIT" AFTER I PAY THE FIRST 2/3rds IN CASH if they don't deliver - I'll bet they're going to keep the $700!!! and if you only pay for the 1st month they are going to keep that $350 for sure.

    I MAY win the lottery too :)
    Craig Rison

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