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As others have posted before me, I too have been contacted by 'Bill Faze' from or DYP, LLC. On 4/15/2009 Bill Faze sent me a 9 page fax. At the time I didn't know what this was but after researching this company I realized that it was the same company where there was a class-action lawsuit against this company last year 2008. Last year I received a phone call tipping me off to cancel my AMEX before 'DYP, LLC' extorted another $799. I ended up canceling my card to prevent this from happening.

After I reviewed the fax that Bill Faze sent to my business fax I realized that I had to be very careful dealing with this person/company. I called Bill Faze at his ext#119 and he explained to me that I was 'delinquent' on my account with local real estate yellow pages. I didn't want to say anything where I he could 'record' an alternative response, as so I hear he does. I explained to him that I didn't want to use their advertising and that it was obsolete to what the internet was offering today for FREE! He told me that my contract says that I had to cancel 90 days prior to the renewal date to stop them from collecting. I then realized that this was a classic SCAM! This contract gives no leverage for the client/victim, only complete unfair terms to the victim.

He told me that he'll 'cut me a deal' to cancel my contract for only $799! That he'll void the contract so I don't have to renew! I told him that he was full of BS! He faxed over the 'CC Authorization Form' for me to fill out. I witnessed that he wanted me to give my credit card info again so he could charge me and have me go there this scam again.

Upon further review of the first 9 page fax that he sent me. I found some MAJOR faults! Is the company DYP or DLP? This is a major typo that will make the contract unenforceable or is it a way to confuse the victim to send the 'certified letter' to the wrong company? I saw this on another post on complaintsboard. I also see that the contract is between my brokers NOT ME PERSONALLY! The 'electronic signature' is nowhere to be found as I NEVER RECEIVED THE CONTRACT UPON SIGN UP OR AFTER! This is my first time seeing the contract and reviewing it!

I'm anticipating this scam company to bring me to collections because they have no way of getting my money so they will use a collection company to 'try' to bully me to 'protect my credit'

I also had to BLOCK HIS NUMBER as he attempted to call my cell, business, and office extension number a total of 9 times in ONE DAY!

If your one of the victims that going through this, we need to communicate either off line or on complaintsboard. We need to bring the FBI and the FTC knocking on their door.

Don't let them get you! SAVE OTHERS!

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      19th of Jun, 2009
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    Local Real Estate Yellow Pages sent me the same 9 pages fax, after the time expired for cancellation, according to these terms, which I am seeing for the first time. My experience with this company is almost exactly the same as the previous report. I used this service in 2007 and they charged my credit card at that time. The service never produced one client and was of no use to me. In 2008, a lady called to try get me to buy lines in different parts of the county. I refused and stated I no longer wanted the service and was not charged for 2008. I thought this was the end of this commitment and gave it no more thought. I never heard from them again until June 2009 when I received the fax stating I would be charged $799 because they have updated and improved my ad, without my approval. I told Mr. FAZE I do want this service and had cancelled it. He stated my clicking on their advertising terms and conditions in 2007 gives them the electronic signature they need to charge for 2009. I didn''t click on their terms and have never seen them until now because I did the original transaction by phone and sent my information, ad, and picture by email and their employee uploaded my information because I was not cmputer savvy enough to do this myself. I never saw the terms. They now say I can only cancel by certified mail, even though they accepted my cancellation and refusal to buy additional lines by phone in 2008. I had no dealings with them for the year 2008, so I believe that the inaction on their part and my part for one year voids this contract due to lack of substantial performance by either party. I have never authorized them to renew this LOUSY service. I received no benefit in 2007 and do not believe that will change in 2009. I feel that this company used deceptive and unethical practices to try and extort money from customers because they charge you $100 each time you dispute their charge on your credit card and do not send their written agreement for your review until they are sure the time has passed for you to decline the service. They also threaten you with lawyers filing in small claims court, collection and ruining your credit.

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