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local job / job scam

1 Bonney Lake, WA, United States

We were searching for a job on the internet. This is what happened. I am not sure which of the following Cos. posted this message. I first went on the web site. then web site, popped up. We were searching for jobs on the job site. I came to a paragraph that said they sent a four digit code to my cell phone. Told me to retrieve the no. and enter it in the box . I got the no. but when I went back to the web page it stated enter your cell no. in the box below. Now I was confused. I tried to x out and go to the next page but I kept getting the message enter the 4 digit no. in the box. I was unable to go to the next page. No matter what I tried, I could not continue. I read another message above the box. It read I was agreeing to pay $9.99 each month to be charged to my cell account. I do not know what this money was for. All I know is, they were trying to scam me for $9.99 a month. I backed off this page and tried to send an email to each web site, The emails would not go. I tried several times to send them and they just would not go. They were trying to trap me into putting in a phone no. or code so I would have to pay this fee every month. Then I found a message that stated a person does not have to accept this offer. I was not allowed to continue the job search. I can only imagine how many people got scammed by this. I think it all started with the local job site, but was moved directly to the scam site .sendmemobile. com. All we wanted to do was look for a job in our area. When a person can not contact either company, something is very wrong. I am not sure this is the correct place to file this complaint, but I did not know where or how to file this. If this is the correct place. Thank you if you can check this out. I hope there is not a charge for this because I do not have any money. Thank you J. Bell

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