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Upon the suggestions of one of my good friends, I decided to buy a Brand Builder account at local ad links. This company can be found online at or

Basically, you buy an account at a one time fee of about 349.99 US dollars, and then you sell ads to companies and make commission. I had researched internet marketing sites like this before to make money while at school, but this one actually seemed legit.

The Brand Builder goes to local businesses, and offers to sell them advertising space online. These ads supposedly appear on Googe, Yahoo, and many other popular sites on the sidebars.

Seems easy enough, right? Well, maybe if you know the owner of the business, and you feel no remorse in scamming them because you've been scammed. The ads can only be seen by pinpointed zip codes that the owner chooses. But who actually clicks on those ads on Google? I don't even notice them.

The ad then sends you to Localadlinks website, instead of the companies. Good for Local ad link, bad for business owners. It's a Ponzi scheme, plain and simple.

Well, I figured this all out, and figured I'd ask for a refund. I didn't want any part of this joke of a company that is exploiting the unemployed and local businesses. But... You have to ask for a refund within 72 hours, which I didn't, so I figured I was stuck with the account. At worst I was 350 in the hole, unless by some miraculous act of God I was able to sell an ad and make my money back.

I was busy at school, and didn't have the heart to ripoff any local businesses. So, I figured I'd ask for the refund again. And again. And again. I was denied everytime. Once again, I said I'd count my losses and just be 350 in the hole, with a chance at selling an ad. Well, I guess they got pissed off at me, and they decided to just cancel my account. I mean I wanted out so bad I guess I'd be willing to lose 350 right? WHAT? Sure ya just cancel it I don't want the refund or the account. You just keep my 350 and keep ripping more people off. Well, being I'm not an idiot I want my money back, or at least a reinstated account. I didn't really want to donate 350 dollars to local ad links.

Stay away from this company. It looks good. But its awful. I have emailed them multiple times all of which I've gotten a computer message, or something from someone with the IQ of this keyboard I'm typing on.

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  •   Mar 15, 2010

    Local ad Link is now Zurvita.. it was bought by that company, probably because they went bankrupt! So still beware, it is probaly still the same scam company.. wow, the only way you can really make money with it is by recruiting other people from what I understand, and you have to keep doing that and get those ppl to recruit, thus a pyramid scheme! Read all the reviews, blogs, BBB, etc. on them. I got unfortunately duped by them, I got some of my money back, but not all of it, couldn't do this stupid thing. But I did learn a valuable lesson about 'get rick quick' schemes.. no such thing, except for the ones who started it! Read about the CEO of this company, localadlink, he was the CEO of Home Depot but was asked to leave.. or something like that. It's like Lucifer falling down from Heaven.. cast out into the outer darkness and wants to take down as many as he can before falling further.. and just get more and more money.. honey.. yeah, I am comparing it to the devil. So sue me.

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  •   Mar 15, 2010

    I take poetic justice and metaphor as my defense. And the truth!

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  • Pl
      Aug 02, 2010

    It is true that Zurvita purchased Ad Link. The company that owned Ad Link had a good technology but unfortunately did not manage it well. The management at Zurvita, along with the investment group, looked real close at the technology and the value that it offered business owners and decided to purchase the technology. It's unfortunate that you had an unpleasant experience with the previous company. Contrary to one of your points one of the things that encourages me about the service is the fact that a person can make a full time income WITHOUT RECRUITING A SINGLE PERSON. As a founding member of Zurvita if anyone has any questions you can feel free to call me.

    John Rodgers
    Founding rep.

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