Lobalfedex 710 dado st 95131

T Nov 16, 2017

My name is Tony and I have recently shipped a item out. I left the object at the rail, the lady told me to just leave it and she will scan it since there were a lot of people and it was about to close. The box had a label saying Lst-Rees Laser. I waited 3 weeks and the customer said they did not recieve it and the tracker said it was not moving. I went to complain and I told them that the item was $1, 489.95 and they said that I should go to 696 E. Trimble to complain. When I went to this address they told me to go home and wait. They took my contact info and they still never called me back. I came again 6 weeks after to complain and they said the delivery guy did not pick it up. Do you think that any company would steal something? I don't know who would take my item. They did not even scan the box when I first came.(i think all employee stoler

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