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Virgina Beach VA, United States

Since November 2016, I have been dealing with nothing but individuals for Loancare that do not do what they say their going to do. Loancare decided that they were going to charge me almost $6900.00 for flood insurance. First of all one would like to think they have access to the grid maps and information on properties to show if or if someone is not in a flood zone, it is public record. So that began the company not doing the job and trying to force insurances on people. They said I never responded to their request of documentation that I don't live in a flood zone even though I have confirmation that on the 4th of Nov. I faxed the document to who they told me to and the confirmation stated it went through successfully. So once again someone with loan care did not do there job.
Now thinking this is all taken care of I go about my life. I received no communication from them stating they have not received anything or heard from me on the flood insurance document...No contact at all - Great Customer Service.
I get my bill in Jan. 2017 and it stated that I owed over $2900.00 in my mortgage payment. They charged the $6900 flood insurance to me without telling me, checking with me, nothing, again Great Customer Service - and a nice way to attempt to screw their customers. I began my phone calls on the 3rd of Jan. to clear this up. I had to resend the FEMA document again and was told I would receive a call in 7- 10 days, did I get that call, of course not even though I was told I would, Great Custome4r Services. I had to call back and things were still not settled. by this time I had spoken with 4 different incompetent people. The I got to a supervisor, maybe, one will never know and I was told I would receive a call at 1:15 pm and then again in the evening to discuss payments and resolutions. Did I get either call, why of course not, Great Customer Service. I had to initiate all calls. I finally talked to several people on 1-18-17 (Howard to be exact at 11:14 mountain time and he told me that the flood insurance has been removed and they would be figuring out my payment. He said it would be FEB. 2nd, I said unacceptable and he talked to someone and said I would get a call in 72 hours with my new monthly payment. 72 hours for the 18th of JAN. would be like the 21st or business days the 23rd. Guess what another employee full of it. I never got a call, Great Customer Service. I had to call today 1-25-17 to find out my new monthly payment and then make the payment over the phone.

I would lover to talk to the President of this company and let him know how pathetic his customer service department is. I have never dealt with people that blatantly lie to you over the phone, tell you one thing and then do nothing, cause tons of issues that could easily be resolved.
This is the worst customer service that I have ever, ever had to deal with. I think this company needs to look at some significant training on how to work with people and not lie to them. They could really use some good customer service training. All the people I talked to in 3 months (11) not one really was any good and this includes supervisors I supposedly talked to.
Horrible company

Jan 25, 2017

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