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Loan Shop/ Douglas Marketing / agreements

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I made a loan for $100 last nov 1 with loan shop/ douglas marketing. I agree to pay little by little. they star to charging my $15 from my bank acc on nov 15. since that i have been charged for $15 (12) times, thats mean $180, and they still trying taking money from my acc , that is overdraft! Now I have to close my acc after paying the overdraft cuantity. I'm been trying to contact this company by replying theirs e-mails but no answer. I try to find a website from them, no website found. The [protected] ask for a message, i left one. They never sent me an agreement or contract or rules or terms and conditions, in a recent e-mail i ask for it and "nada". Please , i'll appreciate any help from you! Thanks

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  • Re
      6th of May, 2008
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    Same thing is happening to me. I can't get in touch with them. They charge me $180 every month. Did you finally get in touch with them? How?

  • La
      23rd of May, 2008
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    I made 12 payments of $90 on a loan and when I called the customer service line they told me I still owed the initial $300 plus the interest fee even though I sent the form they e-mailed me stating I wanted to paydown this account until it was satisfied.
    There is something really wrong when someone can withdraw 3 times what you contracted for legally without sending a refund for any overages. Consumer beware these people are out to get the unwary. I only wish I could get the interest they stole from me back.

  • Qu
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    Loan Shop took 345 dollars from my account for a loan that i got almost two years ago that went unpaid, due to the fact that i just got out of the military and didn't have a job at that present moment. The bank account that they were trying to pull the funds from was eventually closed by the bank. Just recently, stupid me, I attempted to apply for a payday loan online. Little did I know that payday loan companies share your information with other payday loan companies which is most likely how Loan Shop got a hold of my current banking information.

    I called the number (888-265-5074) that was on my bank statement and spoke to one of their account managers. He stated that i borrowed 300 dollars and that i still owe 180 dollars even after paying them 345. He also said that they have the right to pull funds from my existing account with or without my consent or notifying me of their actions to pull funds. I've searched the internet but couldn't find any hard proof that their actions for pulling money from my account without letting me know was legal or illegal. If there's anyone out there that can answer my question i would greatly appreciate it.

  • So
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    well i worked for this company!! And they are a bunch of scam artists!! they are the first ones to threaten you. and when you call them back they don't call you unless they threaten you! They find every excuse to side with there BS!

    Good luck with trying to handle this, I would go to a lawyer or something!

    I'll send another comment by tomorrow with a number you all can try to contact

  • Dq
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    Overwhelmed with personal debt, I procured a loan from the Little Loan Shop in the amount of $350.00. They deducted $105.00 (which I agreed to pay) every 2 weeks (on my pay day).

    During the first payment, they debited my account at 12 a.m., on the day my payroll is posted. Unfortunately, my salary is not posted to my account until 9 a.m. This resulted in an NSF of $29.00. I called and a representative apologized but the fee could not be recinded. The date my account was to be debited was amended so that my account would be debited, the day after I am paid.

    During this period, my debit card was compromised and I called the Little Loan Shop on two separate occasions, leaving messages requesting someone return my call so I could provide my new debit card information. I followed-up with 2 emails though none of my attempts to reach representatives at the Little Loan Shop were ever responded to. Due to this, I again inincurred another $29.00 NSF fee.

    I finally paid off the $350.00 loan after 10 payments in the amount of $105.00 had been deducted from my account ($1050.00 to pay a $350.00 loan). A week after the last payment was debited from my account, an additional $20.00 were debited by the Little Loan Shop. I called the company and a representative explained that the $20.00 constitutes an collection fee because several weeks earlier, an attempt to debit my account had failed due to non-sufficient funds. I explained that this was incorrect and that my record clearly shows all payments due to them, were debited from my account. I also advised the representative that the incident occurred when I was forced to obtain a new check card because my old card had been compromised. I also told her that I called the Little Loan Shop on two separate occasions and also sent to emails, none of which were ever responded to or acknowledged.

    The representative explained that they recently experienced a large turnover of employees due to numerous consumer complaints. She apologized but said there was nothing she could do.

    Little Loan Shop answers their telephone phone if you are trying to procure a new loan or checking the status of an existent loan but "for all other calls" they are unresponsive. During this period, a representative called and left a message explaining that she was calling to obtain my personal opinion of their service, promising I would receive a "gift" if I returned her call. I called back leaving yet another message requesting that someone return my call but as usual, no one ever responded.

    Little Loan Shop like all other pay day lenders are a predatory business which legally victimizes people who are desperate to obtain money. Probably because of a lack of credit or bad credit, these people have few options in obtaining loans from traditional lenders. Rather than finding the solution to their problem, they are preyed upon by pay day lenders whose charges are exorbitant and whose promises of a temporary solution are nothing more than a ruse by which to generate huge profits at the cost of the desparate.

    I urge every reading this to avoid obtaining a "payday" loan. If your credit score is too low to help you obtain a personal or consumer loan from a lender, you may be able to obtain a loan using your automobile as collateral.

  • Gi
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    Douglas Marketing - No customer support; deceptive practices
    51 Boundary Circle
    United States
    Phone: 508-857-2065

    I was called by Douglas Marketing and agreed to have a Kirby representative come into my home and do a carpet cleaning and wood floor buffing for free. This was to take about 45 minutes I was told. The representative was at my home for 4 hours. Yes, he cleaned the carpet but did not do the floor buffing. He spent most of the time with either him or me cleaning other areas of the home - mattress, fans, couches, etc. He kept insisting that I buy the machine that was so much superior to mine. I was pressured by my husband and daughter to buy the machine. The tactics used are very hard sell. Stay for as long as needed until the decision-maker will either throw you out or give in. That is what happened. I did not even inspect the machine after I got the salesman down from $2100 to $1200. For my $1200, he said that he would give me the demo machine which he had only used a couple of times. Turns out the machine is very well worn (I don't know the age). It is very heavy that means that I'm the only one that will use the machine. My husband does not clean and my daughter is 8 months pregnant. I would never have paid that much for a vacuum/shampooer that had been used that much and that inconvenient to use. Beware of the sales tactics used by this company.

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