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Loan Shop Collections / Unauthorized money taken from visa debit card

1 GA, United States Review updated:

I have a greendot debit card through columbus bank and trust. A company called loan shop agreements, in the state of GA. My bank cannot provide any information such as a phone # and address or city. This loan shop collections illegally debited my card on the 3rd of june $190.00. I have applied for payday loans online but was never approved and i never had any business dealings with loan shop collections. So my complaint is against loan shop collections, and my bank for letting this fraudulent transaction take place without having any information about the company. I can only guess when i applied for payday loans with all been denied one of the companies got my tracking # and account #... i called my bank yesterday to prevent it from a pending status to a posted status. My bank phone # is [protected] owned by columbus bank and trust. My phone # is [protected]. i am on social security and this fraudulent/unauthorized debit is causing a hardship on me paying my rent... james sweeney, 142 east sycamore street, pgh pa 15211.

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  • Fa
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Just for your information(I learned the hard way) Loanshop Collections is for past due loans not paid in full with payday loan companies. I had $345 taken out of my account last month, and I pitched a fit.
    LOANSHOP COLLECTIONS does have a phone number to call, which is what I did, and embarrassingly enough, found out I had a past due loan, which is why they took out what they did. I had gone online, given each loan co I applied for, all my info, Loanshop Collections obviously got it and took back the money I OWED THEM(or the loan company).

    Lesson from this: PAY OFF YOUR LOANS!!! Then you won't be surprised as I was from this.

  • Qu
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    Loan Shop took 345 dollars from my account for a loan that i got almost two years ago that went unpaid, due to the fact that i just got out of the military and didn't have a job at that present moment. The bank account that they were trying to pull the funds from was eventually closed by the bank. Just recently, stupid me, I attempted to apply for a payday loan online. Little did I know that payday loan companies share your information with other payday loan companies which is most likely how Loan Shop got a hold of my current banking information.

    I called the number (888-265-5074) that was on my bank statement and spoke to one of their account managers. He stated that i borrowed 300 dollars and that i still owe 180 dollars even after paying them 345. He also said that they have the right to pull funds from my existing account with or without my consent or notifying me of their actions to pull funds. I've searched the internet but couldn't find any hard proof that their actions for pulling money from my account without letting me know was legal or illegal. If there's anyone out there that can answer my question i would greatly appreciate it.

  • Ro
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    Loan Shop Collections - Took Money out of my account
    Loan Shop
    United States

    This companydoes not have my account number the bank says they must have ss number. I did not have the money in the bank this so it just cost overdaft. This is the secound time they have done this. Closed and reopen my account and the money back. But tis time they did not the accoun number. What can i do to stop this.

  • Dq
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    Overwhelmed with personal debt, I procured a loan from the Little Loan Shop in the amount of $350.00. They deducted $105.00 (which I agreed to pay) every 2 weeks (on my pay day).

    During the first payment, they debited my account at 12 a.m., on the day my payroll is posted. Unfortunately, my salary is not posted to my account until 9 a.m. This resulted in an NSF of $29.00. I called and a representative apologized but the fee could not be recinded. The date my account was to be debited was amended so that my account would be debited, the day after I am paid.

    During this period, my debit card was compromised and I called the Little Loan Shop on two separate occasions, leaving messages requesting someone return my call so I could provide my new debit card information. I followed-up with 2 emails though none of my attempts to reach representatives at the Little Loan Shop were ever responded to. Due to this, I again inincurred another $29.00 NSF fee.

    I finally paid off the $350.00 loan after 10 payments in the amount of $105.00 had been deducted from my account ($1050.00 to pay a $350.00 loan). A week after the last payment was debited from my account, an additional $20.00 were debited by the Little Loan Shop. I called the company and a representative explained that the $20.00 constitutes an collection fee because several weeks earlier, an attempt to debit my account had failed due to non-sufficient funds. I explained that this was incorrect and that my record clearly shows all payments due to them, were debited from my account. I also advised the representative that the incident occurred when I was forced to obtain a new check card because my old card had been compromised. I also told her that I called the Little Loan Shop on two separate occasions and also sent to emails, none of which were ever responded to or acknowledged.

    The representative explained that they recently experienced a large turnover of employees due to numerous consumer complaints. She apologized but said there was nothing she could do.

    Little Loan Shop answers their telephone phone if you are trying to procure a new loan or checking the status of an existent loan but "for all other calls" they are unresponsive. During this period, a representative called and left a message explaining that she was calling to obtain my personal opinion of their service, promising I would receive a "gift" if I returned her call. I called back leaving yet another message requesting that someone return my call but as usual, no one ever responded.

    Little Loan Shop like all other pay day lenders are a predatory business which legally victimizes people who are desperate to obtain money. Probably because of a lack of credit or bad credit, these people have few options in obtaining loans from traditional lenders. Rather than finding the solution to their problem, they are preyed upon by pay day lenders whose charges are exorbitant and whose promises of a temporary solution are nothing more than a ruse by which to generate huge profits at the cost of the desparate.

    I urge every reading this to avoid obtaining a "payday" loan. If your credit score is too low to help you obtain a personal or consumer loan from a lender, you may be able to obtain a loan using your automobile as collateral.

  • Ju
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    the loan shop collections also debited $323 from my account and i never even got a payday loan online. i have a loan through ACE CASH LOANS but it was a walk in store and i am current on all payments. When i called the number (888) 245-5074 they also admitted that i did not have a loan through them or could not find any information on me. they wanted me to tell them my account number again to find out why it was charged and still came up empy handed. they will not refund my money until i file a police report. But who am i supposed to report? they couldnt tell me any information. Do i file on them? I reported them to The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU OF DELAWARE. Hope they like it.

  • Sl
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    The same thing happen to me today. They went into my netspend account visa card and debted 214.00 for unauthorized transaction. I dont know how they got a hold of my routing and account number because I did not give it to them. I called my bank and they said that they tried to put this same amount through 1 year ago. I told them that I did not autorized this transaction and it was fraud!. They had the nerve to say there was nothing they could do. I was applaud to this . I think its time for legal action!

    Concerned consumer.

  • Ve
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    The Loan shop also debited $390 out of my account without my permission. This is an outrage that they can do such a thing. People apply loan so that can get to the week, not have someone like loan shop come in an grab it from under your feet, man these people are heartless bags of people who don't fricken care who the hell they steal from. I called them wanting to get to the bottom of this an the manager comes on stating that I owe from 2006 a total amount of 800.00 in back payments, I have had my account with the bank open for only 2 years, how in the hell did I apply a loan from there ###, I'am having my bank look into this criminal activitie an investigate this. I also advised the manager there that if I owed you certain amount of money, why did I not receive any call, email advising that they are withdrawling an also any letter in the mail from a collection department that I owe these fricken ### people, this is humanly stupid an I will hire a lawyer to get on there fricken a*** because it is not fair to people out there to have to put up with something like this. Owe money back in 2006 frick that man.

    Very angry an want to kick someone at the loan shop a**..

  • Ho
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    good evening, i am very agitated at this moment this payday loan company (loan shop) get access to my new bank account and they overdrawn my account of$ 24.95 i did not give them authorization to do this to my account, god knows i don't know how they got my new account information. i don't know if they go through some kind of data base or what but is not right to the consumers it shall be a legal matter done for this fraud they do to the people. yes we owe them no doubt about it things comes up financially, sickness, etc. can anyone tell me what to do, i've been through this before with another payday loan company, they call themselves threating you and all.

  • Sp
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    It is fraud visit your bank within 60 days and demand they help you do not take no for an answer by federal law a bank is required to enact Federal Regulation E in this kind of situation. This company is committing racketeering and someone will go to jail I will see to it.

  • Tw
      13th of Dec, 2009
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    I have become a victim of Loan Shop Collections as of 12/11/2009. I just open this account and just recieved my Christmas bonus. When I went to use my card, it denied it, I called the bank to see what the problem was, they told me that my account was over drawm 180.00. Like others before me, I do not know how these people got my information, but the bank will be getting another call from me.

  • Ma
      24th of Aug, 2010
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    They just too money out of my account on 8-19-2010 for $390 than turn around and took $ 290 on 08-23-2010 I called them and told them i never had a loan with u guys they stated i did back in 2008 tbe rep was a real jerk thank god i dont have no money in my account or i will be screwed so i called the bank and made them reverse the charges and put a frreze on my account were cant no ach deposits withdraw anything

  • Mi
      19th of Dec, 2010
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    Loan Shop Collections - unauthorizied withdraw
    1702 Edgefield Drive apt#2103
    Garland, T.X. 75040
    United States
    Phone: 214-498-9411

    I Michael Nedwetzky had 390.00 Dollars removed from my account without my authorization 12/14/2010 witout any explanation whatso ever.It put me In a really bad position to where I cant pay my bills and now I fall behind becouse of them.

  • Pt
      7th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Had $390.oo debited from my account by loanshop and don't know how they got my acct information because I didn't give it to them. As far as I'm concerned this was an illegal debit because I didn't authorize the transaction and my bank should have never paid it. Neither the bank nor the loanshop will reverse the payment. Put me in a bind.

  • Po
      25th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I to just had these jerks take $390.00from my account and they said I had a loan in 2007. I never had a lone from them. I called and the lady was a total [censor]e!!! They just basiclly took food from my son and over drew my account. I am a single mom trying to make it by and they just screwed me!!! I'm calling my bank tomorrow and getting this fixed!! PISSED OFF!!!

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