Loan Mod CallsDidn't provide service and won't refund money

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This complaint is directed towards Virtual Lending's division "Loan Mod Calls" for not providing service invoiced to me. I contacted Hal Austin, Senior VP of Sales to purchase live transfer leads. I have the invoice stating 3 inbound live call transfers per day for a total of 17 transfers for $500. I was instructed to go to their bank (US Bank) to deposit the $500 into their account # [protected] and routing # [protected]. The deposit slip I have for proof of deposit is dated 07/27/2009. Services were to begin on Monday, July 27th. For that whole week I only received ONE live transfer which is not what we agreed on. During that week, I had kept in contact with Hal through phone and email to resolve the issue, he told me he would talk to Jack his floor manager about making sure I got my leads. On Wednesday, July 29th, I spoke to Hal again about not getting any transfer leads and he said that he was finishing up two forensic audits for customers that would need to modify their mortgages. He said that if I didn't get them that day, I would get them by the next morning. Another broken promise, I received nothing. By Monday, August 3rd, my boss and I called Hal on the phone to ask for my refund. He was talking again about his call center issues and pretended that he didn't know I had only received the one transfer (which I think was fake, but can't prove it)in the last week's time and when I confronted him with the fact that I had been in contact with him all week and that he did know, he got defensive and said he was wasting his time and losing money dealing with me. Told us to email him my address so he could mail me my refund. It's been over a week since I requested the refund. I emailed him asking when to expect the refund, but have not heard back from him. Hal Austin did not provide the live transfer leads I paid to his company. He understood that if the leads worked out for me, that my whole company would be on board which would mean more business for his company. I find it baffling that he would risk the potential business loss over my $500, but I guess a scammer will take what he can get. Hal Austin if you are reading this, shame on you! I'm a single mom with no money but decided to invest in my business so I can grow, but you took advantage of me. The California Attorney General and FTC are next on my list of consumer protection agencies to file complaints against you and your company. I have filed with the BBB. Karma is a [censored].


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      Oct 26, 2011

    Hal Austin is a professional scam artist. Complaints about him and his many companies can be found on, [redacted].com, and He has also duped a number of banks out of money by writing bad checks that they cover in hopes that he'll deposit the money which he never does. Research him online using his name alone, with Jacksonville, FL, and again with "leads". All the different searches bring up new information on who he has stolen from.

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      Mar 05, 2012

    This cretin needs to be stopped!! He continues to steal from anyone who stops to give him the time of day. There are financially broken people all over recovering from his scams and schemes.

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