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Loan Max


Ripp-Off/ took my car before the payment deadline

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Loan Max
4802 S. Laburnum Av.
Richmond, Virginia
United States
Phone: 804-222-9544
I took aloan out through Loan Max where i had to put my car title up as calatteral. After i took the loan out ive lost my job and am having a hard time finding a new one, so of course i encured late fees and a past due payment. These Sorry S.O.B's took my damn car before the due date of the damn loan!!! They are a bunch of snakes and i regret the day i ever took that damn loan!! With these evil people ill never pay this damn thing off.
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N  27th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
With Loan Max you have to be careful. We got cut off at the pass with
VEPCO (elect co); they don't care, as they are the only elect company you can go with. We had to join some club, when my husband got his loanmax loan. They didn't explain the club or purpose or anything. Their attitude was, take it or leave it. And the gal that spoke to him, was about as rude as they get, and again, take it or leave it, we don't care.
I am writing consumer affairs about this and going to the news media about loan max, and especially this so-called club that we had to join, and still don't know what this mess was.
N  27th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I would have taken my car and hid it and then gone to court and then the news media, right on TV. Virginia needs to shut loan max down. Down and down permanently.
N  22nd of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
First of all, there are no late fees. Secondly, they cannot legally take your car without you defaulting on the loan (meaning being late on your due date). People just need to stop whining and take some responsibility for your own actions. No one forced you to go into that business.
N  28th of Nov, 2010 by    -2 Votes
Loan max: What we as consumers need to do are several things.
1. Help get legislation to force companies like loan max out of business. You will notice that they are not allowed in DC. Why, because they charge more than 28% interest.
2. When you need money, go to your bank or CU. if you know that you qualify, and should not be turned down, but are turned down do this. Go to the head of the company, and demand action.
3. The loan has been paid off. But only after I started asking about how much was going to principal.
4. No one forced us to go to that business yes. But we would have been discriminated against by the CU. And getting a payday loan is just as bad. There needs to be a cap put down on these interest companies.
A  22nd of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
be very careful...i learned the hard way in dealing with these car title companies...i lost my car to them just recently..now what there doing is they have the repo guys (towing company) calling u if youre late oooh but they wont say that there a towing/repo company they'll lie to you and say that their cops/police and they'll sweet talk u, basically lie as soon as they open their mouths and they won't stop. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY! I was late 28 days and they had repo company calling me but they told me they were the police and heck they'll even give u a fake badge number and basically threathen you by saying if you don't turn in the car ASAP you will be arrested and be be thrown in jail which is NOT true...you know talk about using fear/scare tactics i mean is this how low these companies will go? i mean yes they can and probably will take you to court to contest that you owe them money to get you to pay but they absolutely DO NOT have the authority to arrest you...but yea they'll try to sympathize with you by saying.."oh i know i understand this is tough on you, i know people are struggling the economy/jobs/bills and it sucks etc..im your best friend...i wanna help you...trust me i know people, i know the regional manager at the car title company im going to help you get your car back but i just need you to turn it in as a sign of good faith so i can process it and go to them and let them know hey this person is a good guy/girl who didnt give me any crap and turned the car in...so basically trust me cuz im gonna get your car back for you gauranteed"--TOTAL LIE
oh and the guy will try to sympathize with you by saying oh do you have a family do you have kids? i have a family and kids myself i know how hard it is but dont give up trust me im gonna help you cuz i understand that if u dont have a car you cant go to work and if u dont work you cant put food on the table for your family, pay rent, bills etc etc...talk about the devil but DONT BE FOOLED!!!
look im not saying i dont owe them any money...i do...i have no one to blame but myself..i took out the loan. BUT the MEANS/LIES in which they do business is illegal you cant just lie like that and say your a cop and i can and will arrest you and then say im definitley gonna help you when ur not. they will just straight up lie to your face and threaten you. funny this guy told me "hey trust me your gonna have your car back ..just turn in ur car and have ur past due payment ready and when i call u dont stick your head in the sand im ur friend...he said he'd call me the next day after he'd made arrangements where i can get my car back as long as i had my payment that i was late on...i even asked him oh should i just leave all my stuff in the car and he said yea ur gonna get it back so you dont even have to take anything out (LIAR!) well i turned in my car a tow truck picked it up and the next day he never called me. I've literally called him 100 times. he doesnt pick up or return any of my messages. and this guy told me not to stick my head in the sand when he called me? talk about being a hypocrite this guy takes hyporcisy to a whole new level!! BEWARE dont trust these people they'll trick you and lie to you by saying their cops and promise that there gonna help you by working it all out and mention ur family & kids just to get you to trust them...LIES LIES LIES
so if your ever in this situation DO NOT TRUST THEM. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. i mean who knows what lies they'll come up with next...as soon as they open their mouth everthing that comes out is a lie..
better to try to work something out with the car title loan company than these so called "cops". cuz it turns out the "cop" was really the towing company and they'll say and do anything to get paid and they dont get paid until they get your car. BEWARE dont let this happen to u. Try to work something out with the car title company even tho it may be difficult. oh yea and i forget one more thing the fake "cop/police" will tell u not to contact the title company or talk to them. he'll say only contact me and now i know why...he doesnt want you to work out anything with the loan company cuz he wants to tow ur car so he can get paid. these people have no feelings or concerns dont be fooled the only thing they want it your car so they can get paid for towing it. dont let them fool u.
deal directly with the loan company their the only ones that can get these fakers off ur back.
A  17th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I agree with you totally. My car was repossed about three wks ago. They hire these youg---a... people who like everyone else needs a job.. and they don't know book knowledge. YOu ask questions, they can only tell you is on the application and your responsibility of paying them back. It hasn't been thirty day's yet... and I told t hem I will try to get my car back. The towing company picked my car up on a Thursday @ 10:30 or and half hour latelr. They didn't use the slim jim to open the door. I don't know why I didn't hear anything. My neighbor recorder eveything. They drug my car and the ski marks from the tires stayed on the ground for about two wks. I admit that I did make a mistake by now paying them back when I should (my laziness) I spoke with the manager and she stated t hat she was going to waive $400 for the towing... but she didn't say I had to pay the money the same day. She asked me was I going to get my car I said yes. I kept going back and forth and for some reason, I think the manage tell the workers they aren't their when they are. Thru all I'm going thru, I think we had a miscommuniation problem. After going thru all I did ...I told them to keep the car.. because they was stressing the hell out of me. My car was towed to Fredericksburg-Stafford. I called to get my things out of the car... and I was told t hat someone was going to watch me as I get my things out. I didn't go on the Tues that I called, I went the following Mon.. I prayed Lord help me., . They pulls the car arond and go outside to get my things...everything is gone... The children coats, that was in the back seat, grill that was the trunk, tapes, cd's, brand new folding chair.. and a bag of clothers for and emergency and my BLACK BILE that was in a case, along with my important papers that was in the glove compartment. My tags was off the car.. and after going back inside, I told them their was nothing in the car..They're looking stupid...they said the towing guys' took it the day they repossed it...for what.. Loan Max supposedly been working with me to get the vehicle back. She goes you have to turn your tags in.. what tags.. The tags are in the winow... In which they weren't . I go to DMV to cancelled everything.. DMV doesn't have any information in the system on my car. Thank god i know my tag number. I called the Loan Max in Woodbridge to ask them where are my things... she told me she will call me back before the day is over. Someone called me within the next twenty minutes to say this is the number to call to find your belongings, buy the repo company has a private number we can't give out and you have to make and appointment with them. I called spoke with the lady and she said it sounds like I had an attitude after saying to her I'm calling to try to locate my items that was in my car.. I stated I didn't. Within ten minutes of the conversation I say the same thing to her that she said to me... I know her voice was changes.. She hung up on me. I called Lmax and told them what happen. I called the manager the next day to ask did they find my things, she told me they DISPOSED my items. What the Hell for.. No those towing people either kept or sold my items. The police told me to call them back.. and I never did, because I wanted to file a report. I'm not done yet. It's totally ridiculous that we go through---- with our people. Everybody fighting to get the next$$$$.
N  9th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
working for them sucks
A  10th of Jun, 2016 by    0 Votes
My husband took out a title loan in December for the 6th time, in which everything he paid off before the due date so he was a loyal customer. But the 6th one he fell a little late payment was due the last day of January, I made it down to pay late fee, finance fee, interest rate and a little toward the principal to refinance. She took the payment from me (450.00) told me my husband needed to come down to sign papers, in which I told her he was out of town working he would be home in a couple days she said that would be fine. 3 days later after I got home from the bank from withdrawal our rent money walking inside the house and the report company was driving off with our car. My husband got home 45 mins after and asked where the car was. We called title loan company they didn't even know but when we went down the woman had to call someone else found the car and they was discussing with the her boss why did our car get repoed... their conclusion was because the date didn't automatically kick over it showed we were 30 days past due. Maybe because February only had 29 days. Also her her say we were in default 1.98 in which we weren't in had paid a little toward the principal 3 days before this happened. They still charged us 400. Redemption fee to get our car back. Then it took 2 days to get the carea because mysteriously the lot attendant took the whole day off. After we got the car guess what rent money I had just pulled out was gone. They charged us 100. Storage fee and had all paperwork done and signed and ready for us to leave. We didn't even realize till we got home they signeous my husband's name for him on all paperwork, including property acknowledgment. So all together so far we have paid out 1650.00 toward this loan and still owe more than he got loaned. We had to use the money for our next due date to cover our rent so I'm sure now they will be coming back to get our car again. I have been filing a complaint after complaint regarding missing property and now it is June and I finally got a response saying after investigation nobody seen the envelope containing money. She said they even watched the video footage of our property being removed from our vehicle and put into storage and saw no one taking an envelope. What video footage nothing was removed from our car except the envelope we didn't even have to pay property release. Our car was exactly the same from when they took it except the envelope. Dono ever get a title loan it's not worth it in the end unless your ready to pay more than what it's probably worth.
A  19th of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
They take your belongings out of your car when it's towed, straight away even when you've set up a time to pay and get your car. They messed my car up and broke my headlight from the crappy towing job they do. And as soon as you are one day late on your first loan payment, they are blowing your phone up, 6 days a eeek, twice a day, as well as leaving voicemails and texting you. Right after the store calls you, the customer service number also calls you AND they blow up every single reference. They are harassing their customers like crazy!!! Even when you communicate with them and set payment up!! I even lost a friend who I used as a reference because they were blowing her up so much!!! This place is crazy and so are the fees. It's insane!!! First place I've ever used to take a loan out and I only did it because I was desperate. I have to keep refinancing or getting another loan because it takes everything I have to pay it then I have no money for rent. Thank god for my mom helping me and spending every dime she has to get them to stop harassing me and to get my car back or I would have nothing and I'm a single mom. This company as well as any title company, is a rip off. That's why they are for desperate people. They take everything you've got. Don't use title loan companies, especially Loan Max! The bigger the loan you take out, the more fees. You end up paying almost $2, 500 for a 1, 000 loan.

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