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LM Designing / Lies, and unauthoried charges

1 11400 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 210Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 310.474.7987

They lie to get your money and don't give you what you what they said they will! Lm designing made unauthorized charges on my card. I just don't want anyone else to get take for this same ride.
I hired them to do a custom site for me so people could order custom art online, and also shop for comic merchandise; they told me that they could do this. But it was a lie. There was no professionalism, or walk through each step, because I have never done a site, before and I told them this. They never gave me any pointers or input no info about my competition. I had to beg to get them to tell me how the site worked. I still don’t know how to change the main pictures of my site, but I think they do this so that you will always have to come to them and pay them more money.
As I said they told me that they would be able to make sure my customers could commission various types of work online, this is what sets us apart from any other artist online. I let them know this, and asked them about this over nine times, most of the time they would say nothing, then finally they said it would cost too much money (months after they had been paid in full and I was promised they could do this), they I reminded them that they did promise to do this and that this was the whole PURPOSE in building the site. About a week went by and they didn’t say anything. So I asked them again, this time they said they would do a call in form so people could call for art, but this was not the agreement. They didn’t even to the call in form. I am tired of their broken promises and lies. My site isn’t the way me or my staff wanted it to be, nor does it have over 50% of its function!
I was basically told that they were going to do what they wanted to do, as far as design and layout of my site, because when I asked for them to adjust certain things or move this or that, I wouldn’t get a response, so I had to keep on asking until the issues were addressed. Most of the things on my site I had to ask at least a minimum of nine times to get. It’s like they have no sense of layout, because they would just throw things up and it wouldn’t look good at all. So I asked them to adjust it and it would take months or weeks to do things that could be completed in a couple of days. I felt like they didn’t care about my business or me and they just wanted money. And once they got it they didn’t care if I was satisfied.
I should have known from the start though, I was told I would get to choose from 3 layouts, but only got one. After they had been pre-paid in full they called me, and asked for half of the total price. That should have been a red flag. Next the site we modeled mine after had some movement on the menu, and I specifically asked for my site to have this, and was told yes. But later the programs tell me this would be extra and it wasn’t included. I WOULD HAVE NEVER MODELED MY SITE AFTER IT, if they would have told me this up front and would have got a different layout. That is why I wanted the look in the first place. Second red flag. There are arrows on my site that you were suppose to click on and go to the next picture or click on the picture and it would become bigger. There is no point in having the arrows or the pictures up if you cannot do this. Another red flag. They didn’t want to do their job; they didn’t want to put pictures or information up. I spent almost four days getting images for the site, then they tell me after, that they could only put up a certain number, I would have never spent the time on this if they would have told me from the get go. When I asked for normal things on a website I was always told that that isn’t what I paid for or it not in the budget. How then is this custom site, if even the normal things aren’t covered? It took them 5 months to build a site that should have been done in a month; we lost money because of them. They missed a deadline and some of my sponsors though it was a joke.
This is has just been a nightmare working with them. My staff is so disappointed and upset, that they ripped us off like this. If they couldn’t handle our business needs why take our money?
The final straw was when I asked them to do some final revisions, and they did them. Then they said that I owe them 325 dollars. If I knew they were going to be greedy I would have just taken my site and got someone else to do the work that they were supposed to do for the money I paid them at first. The very next day they charged my card with un-authorization. Not once but twice! What is custom about this site? The site still isn’t how I or my staff envisioned it and I am tired of just settling for crappy work and hoping that encouraging words would make them do better! Positive words don’t work with these guys. Maybe that I got a custom screw job, that’s about it. I sick of these clowns!

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  • Jo
      28th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have used LM Designing and my site was up and running in about 3 weeks. They did a great job for my online presence, I am happy with their service and would use them again.
    Thats too bad of an experience for you... but for me, LM Designing did a great job.

    John F

  • U2
      28th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well enjoy, because they are about to be shut down by the attorney general. What is your website any way john? Sureyou don't just work for Lm designing on here with a FAKE post? Are u even aware that LM designing has ripped off multible business around the united states.
    Do you even know how many times they have been sued for fraud? Many many times.

  • Lm
      31st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I understand your concern. Please note that we had a few people on our team that did not help the process go as it should and these parties no longer are with the company. We have a new team that are experts in quality control and we have adjusted our turn around 100% to ensure these issues do not happen again. We value all our clients and are doing everything we can to make sure every clients project turns out as it should. The above post is not a fake, we actually have done a few projects for him. We do have very happy and returning clients, in 8 years, we have a few complaints all in the same year, which represents the staff we had at that time but as mentioned, we have changed our system and team so this does not happen again.

    Thank you.

  • Do
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    See website for all the court cases against Lisa Munoz and her scam company LM Designing. We too were ripped off by her. She charged our credit card $1200 for services she did not provide. The way she works is you sign a contract, assuming that any honest, good, law abiding business person would be trustworthy. Beware because her contract says deposits are non-refundable. Any reviews you see written about her and her company are most likely false, written by her. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER!

  • Sh
      14th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    The company they call LMdesigning is a HUGE FRAUD!!I would not work with those people as they do not care about ripping people off.I was told about a custom website they would build and they gave me something that I could of done and I don't even know the website business and they charged me $800.00 for it in which I only have disputed a 100.00 of it so far with my credit card company and they are not willing to give me any refund and only was working with them for 2 days, these people are not going to survive in business doing this and only will there stealing peoples money follow them.
    Newport Beach, CA

  • Si
      22nd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    They are incapable of keeping up with their work load and unfortunately for many their contracts will not allow you to escape their clutch once you enter…. If you should become UN happy for any reason she will not provide for you a refund she will not apologize and she will not try to make you whole again…
    If Choose to Work with Lm Designing: Consider the following first
    1. Do not give out your credit card number – No matter what Lisa tells you – find another way
    2. Do not sign their contract – if things go bad you will be in a bad way – if anything negotiate the contract
    3. Establish a completion date and how much it will cost them per day if it is not meet by this dead line
    4. Only pay in small portions at a time – be very careful they will have the full balance due before they start the work… Lock down your account
    5. Determine a detailed payment schedule – again be very careful here, only pay for work that is completed – the more you break this down the safer you will be
    6. Do not allow for payments by dates, or all of the money will be out of your account before the project even is started
    7. Check their track record first – Though most do not seem to be reporting there appear to be hundreds of Lawsuits around the country...
    8. Be aware you have not thought of everything and there will be extras for everything – They know the business but are not responsible to include everything you will need – hire a 3rd party consultant
    9. Only Pay by a Cashier’s Check – It is not advised to give out your account number…
    10. Have your attorney help you with their contract

    As they are unable to professionally satisfy a series of customers they intentionally write their contracts with absolutely no refund policy for any reason… Once you become unsatisfied there will be nothing you can do about it…. Do not become another one gone wild…
    Be very careful to put responsibility back on them and not with you the customer….

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