Livingwood Labs / Took deposit but no puppy

1 Sumter, SC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 803-795-8211

We were referred to Sarah Ray from a client of mine. I own a pet resort in Charleston, South Carolina and was looking to purchase a black, female English Lab from Livingwood Labs, which Sarah Ray owns. We drove to Sumter to meet with her and her husband and to look at the dogs and pregnant female. She then took a $250 deposit from us and said the female should be in labor within the next week. A week went by and nothing. We understand and knew there was not an exact science as to when she would go into labor and waited another week. Nothing. I contacted Sarah by text and she said the female was pregnant and happy and if nothing happened by the weekend then she would have a vet come to the house and look at her. Nothing happened and I contacted her and asked her what the vet said. She replied that she had to move the appointment because she had to bring her granddaughter to get stitches and that as soon as she was in labor she would contact me. Again nothing and a month went by. Then Sarah stopped all communication. I asked her for a refund of the $250.00 check that she cashed on April 20th, 2015 and no response still. At this point it is theft and she did not follow through on her end of the agreement. I have the receipt of the cashed check but do not want to post here for my privacy of my account and address.

Jun 1, 2015

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