Livingwellproducts not ordered

Late 2017 I wrote that I was being charged vat and a postal delivery charge to deliver your parcel to my local post office. Under these circumstances I found the total cost uneconomical and no longer wish to continue purchasing goods from your comany.

At the same time of writing my wife was diagnosed as having breast cancer and was forced to give up working leaving us to live on my state pension.

Recently I received a note that two parcels were at the post office for collection. I was surprised to find one parcel containg three containers of natural cleanse, the other containing one container of heal and smooth. None of which have been ordered.

I have been ill for some three months so I have not yet seen my bank statements. If I have been charged for the items I ask you to reinburse me and please ensure that this does not happen again.

Roy watkin

Jun 04, 2018

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