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Date: 2/25/2016 @ 9:55am Living World Technologies, Crystalbend Hosting, TX PC Repair and others - their ISP Address:

Check out their web site (livingworldtech); most of the links do not work. Is this your example of your fine work? There are also more complaints out there against Livingworldtech on Yelp and [redacted] folks. The one complaint on Yelp is listed as not recommended, but I highly recommend it for anyone who might consider doing business with them. Livingworldtech actually went to a customer forum and posted against one of their own customers and called her a "habitual liar", and has continued to slander/libel her across the internet customer complaint forums. Just so you know what you can possibly expect. The man I spoke with accused me of being someone other than who I am. He called me Toni and then Jordan, neither of which I knew. Quite frankly, he seemed paranoid to me and I wondered who else he had upset. In my search of customer complaint forums I discovered who Toni was; and saw the shenanigans he was trying to pull on her. Her phone number was listed by Chris Miska in his post, so I contacted her. The man I spoke with in live chat on the livingworldtech web site said he was Craig, but I believe it could have been Chris Miska, the one everyone else has been complaining about throughout the consumer complaint forums. Some have speculated that Craig is a created alter-ego he has created and uses when he wants to give people a hard time. The way he talks and his mannerisms seem exactly like the ones I've seen posted my Chris. On my internet search I found his name where others had complained about their treatment from him. I can't prove what others say, so don't take it as necessarily true; this is just me sharing my actual experience and the experiences and opinions of others. But it is in their system and can be retrieved by the authorities if necessary. You must be aware that if you contact them and don't act or give the information they request; then you could be threatened like I was (of being an identity thief), and/or they will invade your personal information; like they clearly did with me (see below). I encourage anyone who has had issues with Livingworldtech or their other companies to post your experiences here where others can see them and be warned about them in advance. It is one thing to do a casual internet search on someone, but it is another to target and deliberately hack someone's personal information; which is illegal. There should be some kind requirements of ethics and professionalism involved in having a business. If anyone has had issues with them threatening to access private information, report them to the police. Report it to DPS CITEC (Computer, Information Technology & Electronic Crime) Unit at your local police department. If you are not in Texas your local police department will do the footwork for you and will contact the police department in Austin, TX. Because of how he dealt with me and his threats I would consider them a security threat to anyone who contacts them or does business with them. I consider them cyber bullies or worse. With knowledge comes responsibility, and I don't want others to have the same experience I had with Craig/Chris/Livingworldtech. And you certainly wouldn't want your wife or daughter talking to him, as in my opinion he is a creep and somewhat crude, as you'll see below; his words also speak for themselves. The conversation below was pasted from their web site Livingworldtech in live chat on-line. I cut and pasted this conversation I had with him; from their web site live chat, "word for word". I hope you find this helpful when deciding who to do business with, or not. Please read the conversation below that I had with and you can judge for yourselves:

Date: 2/25/2016 @ 9:55am
Living World Technologies, Crystalbend Hosting, TX PC Repair and others that fall under their ISP

Craig Chat Agent Hello, my name is Craig. I can help you today. 9:55am

Me: where can I find more information on the owners/partners of this business? 09:55am

Craig: Who may I ask is this? 09:57am

Me: Someone interested in possibly doing business. 09:59am

If I can get your name, I can create a ticket for you and have it flagged to upper management. But that's the most I can do. 10:00am

Craig: But aside from that, if your interested in doing business, you would talk to me, not the owners, I do sales. 10:00am

Craig: The owners doing usually deal with day to day simple tasks like sales. 10:01am

Me: If you can't simply give information about the owners and the business why would I even do business with you. I want to know who I'm dealing with before I do anything with anyone. I'm sure you understand that people do research first before talking business. 10:01am

Me: They're not the only company I'm looking at. Is there a site with general information? 10:02am

Craig:Uhmm, we do simple website design and web solutions, so not sure what the owners/partners would have anything to do with that. Do you know the owners of your mobile service provider? Or your cable TV company? I sure don't. 10:02am

Craig:Heck, I even worked at a call center as an employee for a phone company, and none of us had any idea who owned it. All I have is a manager. 10:03am

Me: I'm one of those people who likes to know who I"m dealing with. Besides this company is not AT&T or a call center. They provide a service right? I personally know the people I've worked for. If the company isn't willing to provide basic information then I don't see them as a viable company to hire. Please give me their phone number and address. 10:06am

Craig: Well, just like your wanting information, I can't just go giving out information without knowing who I'm giving it to. And, as I'm just a lowly staff person, that's not even something I have access to anyhow. If you email[email protected] // with your name, phone number, and address, I'm sure they would be more then happy to provide you with the information your reqesting. 10:07am

Me: You don't have the phone number and address to the company you work for? Look, I'm the potential customer here. It is standard to provide phone number and address. 10:08am

Craig: Well, firstly, the phone number to the company I work for is posted on the top of our website on every page. Secondly, when you call that, it rings the phone in the call center that we all work in, so if you called it, you'd just be routed right back to someone like me anyhow. Thirdly, no, it is not standard practice to hand out privately protected information by Texas State law without knowing who it is that's giving that information. 10:10am

Me: Most people don't talk to a customer like this. It is more important for me to know who you are if I'm going to give you my business. 10:10am

Craig: And then you still have to make that request by mail, as written by Law. 10:10am

Me: It isn't law that is something you're making up. I have a business and I wasn't born yesterday. 10:10am

Craig: You are not a customer, I have no idea who you are, and we are now allowed to give out ANY sensative information until we verify identity as required by Law.

Me: It is not required by law. Look it up. 10:11am

Craig: Well, you think what you'd like to, I am not going to get fired just because your a "supposed" customer. You could be a thief from India. 10:11am

Craig: I have no idea of knowing who you are. 10:12am

Me: I'm a potential customer. You know business brings in money. 10:12am

Craig: Trust me, I know Texas privacy law VERY well, my mother practices that field, as does my uncle and 2 of my cousins. None of them shut up about it, as much as it annoys me, trust me, I know. 10:12am

Craig: Good for you, Texas law states we can deny service to any person for any reason at any time, and unless your already a customer, then your can't be one. 10:13am

Me: I told you that I'm a potential customer, that is why I'm inquiring about the company and it's owners. 10:13 am

Craig: You could be interested in becoming one, but then again, just like with almost all other hosting companies, it's a fully automated process now, which would require no need for any type of information other then, what you get and how much it costs, which is clearly displayed in our product ordering system. 10:14am

Craig: And I told you what you needed to do to get that information, as I don't have it, or have access to it. If you choose not to follow the procedure, that's on you. 10:14am

Me: I want to know who I'm dealing with and I have a right to know if I'm going to be a customer. 10:14am

Craig: yes you do have the right to know once you ARE a customer. Your right there, and if you want to know BEFORE your a customer, you have to follow our company procedure. Otherwise, if you don't want to be a customer, don't be a customer. 10:15am

Craig: You need to email [email protected] // 10:15am

Craig: If you'd like to place an order I can help you with that. 10:16am

Craig: Otherwise I'll need to end this chat, as we get reviewed on performance. 10:17am

Me: Nothing personal Craig, but the way your company treats potential customers, and telling them they have no right to know who they're dealing with until they're a customer is a little backwards. No thanks I'm going elsewhere. 10:18am

Craig: That's not what I said, you didn't read correctly, I never said you didn't have the right to know before you where a customer, I told you I didn't have that information, and where to get it. You malfomed my responses to put that together in your own head. 10:18am

Craig: You are not a potential customer 10:19am

Craig: You are nothing more then an anonimous criminal as far as I know. 10:19am

Craig: Until you identify who you are, and I can verify that identiy, you are not a person. 10:20am

Craig: Nor a "potential customer" 10:20am

Me: Who talks to a potential customer like that? I'm not going to do business with you because of the way you are talking to me. 10:20am

Craig: So, you have 3 choices, either email management, verify who you are with me, or kindly go screw yourself. 10:21am


Craig: No one can be until they identify themselves. 10:21am

Craig: PERIOD. 10:21am

Craig: And do realize, your proxies, do no good, we can easily trace connecting IP's. 10:22am

Me: Go ahead and invade my privacy. 10:22am

Craig: If your connecting to a public network, its recorded, just like your ISP records it. 10:23am

Craig: Your wanting me to invade someone elses privacy for you, but you say that, that's hilarious. 10:23am

Craig: I do apologize, but if your not going to place an order, I have to end this chat. 10:24am

Craig: Your obviously not, nor where you from the start a "potential customer" 10:24am

Craig: So, you have 3 choices, either email management, verify who you are with me, or kindly go screw yourself. 10:21 am

Craig: And do realize, your proxies, do no good, we can easily trace connecting IP's. 10:22am

Craig: Your wanting me to invade someone elses privacy for you, but you say that, that's hilarious. 10:23am

Craig: And I do not have time to help time wasters, criminals, or any other general undesirable. Which until you identify yourself, includes you. So, I will be ending this chat now, and reporting your IP to the security team for suspicious activity. Have a good day. 10:25am

Craig: I'm sure comcast will be pleased to find another idenfity thief. So we'll be reporting this to them. 10:26am

Me: Wanting to know about a company is not an invasion of privacy. This conversation has ended. And who threatens a customer to invade their privacy. Your company is bad news, and I'm going to spread the word. I was a potential customer who is no longer a potential customer. 10:26am

Craig: I never threatened to invade your privacy there who ever you are, you really don't know how to read English do you? 10:26am

Craig: When you connect to a bank website, they track your IP, as does EVERY ISP, which we are We have to be law you friggen id*ot, so the feds and cops can track down identify thiefs, like you obviously are, connecting from Denver colardo comcast internet. 10:27am

Me: But you're NOT MY ISP provider. So I can see that you are invading my privacy. 10:27am

Craig: I don't have to be YOUR ISP provider 10:28am

Craig: OMG, do you not know anything about telecommunications laws. 10:28am

Craig: Geeze. You really think the USA would just let random people, especially people like who ever you are connect to the internet if they couldn't control and track what they do? 10:28am

Craig: I don't have to be YOUR ISP provider 10:28am

Craig: OMG, do you not know anything about telecommunications laws. 10:28am

Craig: Geeze. You really think the USA would just let random people, especially people like who ever you are connect to the internet if they couldn't control and track what they do? 10:28am

Me: I Never said I did. This conversation is ending now, and I will be reporting you for your behavior and treatment of me. Thank you. 10:30am

Craig: I did nothing wrong other then what EVERY other online chat support agent for EVERY other hosting company out there does, protect it from identify thieves like you. 10:30am

Craig: You never once identified yourself, so there's nothing to "report"

Craig: I'm ending this chat due to potential identify theft and am reporting this IP address to the authorities and to comcast, as well as my manager. 10:32am

Craig: good bye 10:32am

Me: Bye Bye 10:32am

Me: I have copied and pasted this post to somewhere to save it. If I get contacted by anyone due to your false accusations I will sue you. I simply called to get basic information about the company.10:33am

Craig: All our chats are recorded thru official means, so only our transcripts will be considered legit. Copy and pasted methods don't mean a thing. And I never made any accusations. You need to learn and understand english.10:34am

Craig: What exactly where you accused off?10:34am

Craig: Anyhow, is this some sort of joke?10:34am

Craig: lol, some interesting things to when you search for you on the internet, hilarious. 10:36am

Me: I have it on record that you are invading my privacy and looking me up on the internet. I was a potential customer and this you treat someone.10:37am

Craig: lol, researching the internet is not invading your privacy, are you smoking crack?10:37am

Craig: IT'S NOT ILLEGAL TO GOOGLE, holy crap, are you an idi*t?10:37am

Craig: Your hilarious jordon.10:37

Craig: When you google your IP address, you find all the other places that who ever this is has posted to.10:40am

Craig: Which then yields a posted by mark, as with any post, it's not really all that difficult. Even my 10 year old knows how to google an IP address, it's obvious that who ever connects from this IP and that email, is a huge nascar nut, which really answers every question we have here, lol.10:41am

Craig: Your obviously some redneck nascar nut from colardo, either 1) hired by Toni, or 2)This is toni, and you wasted more money flying there, just to send this message, either way, the whole situation is all over every ISP internet security threat message board out there.10:41am

Craig: This IP, the back story, the scam, and every other part of it. And this is also called a free country, I can say as I please as long as I never threaten to or actually commit any crime, which I didn't, so if you don't like it, that means you hate america.10:42am

Craig: And that's just down right unpatriotic.

Me: I'm not Jordon you idi*t. You are some crazy person this company should have never hired. They are losing business because of you. I was a potential customer. But no more. Who is this Toni person you're talking about? I'm outta here. 10:44am

Craig: Oh, I bring this company 10 times more money then any other 2 employees put together, so I'm not worried. 10:45am

Craig: And you may not be, but that's who this IP is registered to, and with that, it's enough for the cops to pin point exactly where on the ComCast grid you are. It's not too difficult. 10:46am

Craig: And if it comes back that it is related to any sensitive current investigation, anything and everything having to do with it I'm sure will be confiscated for partifipating.10:46am

Me: Go ahead, I'll show them this email and have you arrested for false reporting. 10:46am

Craig: False reporting what exactly? 10:47am

Craig: You can't "show a cop some email you printed out" and have someone arrested, lol, you really are on crack arn't you? 10:47am

Me: Identity theft or whatever else you wish to accuse me of. I am an upstanding person in my community and don't wish to deal with low lives who threaten people who ask questions about their company. 10:48am

Craig: I never accused you of anything, I said, "FOR ALL I KNOW YOU COULD BE" an identify thief, I have no way of telling until you identify for yourself. No d**n where in that statement do I accuse you of anything. 10:49am

Craig: You really need to learn how to read, it's obvious, as a redneck, you don't understand the meaning of big words, but, I don't think I could express myself monosyllabically enough for you to understand what it was I was saying.10:50am

Me: You have said that I'm and identity thief, associated with someone I don't even know, and now accuse me of being on crack. Go back and read what you wrote. I also now have YOUR URL and source information. Thank you very much. 10:51am

Craig: My URL and source information?!?!?! lol 10:51am

Craig: What did you do, google the wrong big words? 10:51am

Craig: what is "source information" and my "url" 10:51am

Craig: You don't even understand the proper terms in regards to look for, and hello there captain obvious, we run a business, in Texas, we pay our taxes, and follow the law. Trust me, when your paying the amount of sales tax we are, the government and anyone who matters knows exactly where the business and every single person related to it live, and where they are, nearly in real time.10:52

Me: I KNOW... :-)10:53

Craig: And since we pay more taxes, they are going to ensure everything stays running smoothly and people don't rip us off, or try to obtain sensative data. 10:54am

Me: You're not the only one that pays taxes... :-) 10:55am

Craig: And trust me, the "how do I identify my computer online" that you googled, you looked at the wrong terms there genious. 10:55am

Me: You have no idea who you're talking to... I know all about computers and urls too. You assume I'm an idi*t.10:56am

Craig: urls, 10:56am

Craig: lol 10:56am

Craig: urls are for websites, not for network communication, or IP traffic genious. 10:56am

Craig: OMG, you just clearly have no idea. 10:57am

Craig: lol, your a joke dude. 10:57am

Craig: They are called IP's, IP's, short for Internet Protocol '10:57am

Craig: It's a number, not URL.

Craig: Okay ma'am. Do yourself a favor, take your Windows 7 computer, close your chrome browser, unplug the device, put it back in the box, and take it back. It's far too advanced for you to figure out. go back and stick to buying and selling car parts. 10:59am

Craig: I know that too.. lol, you crack me up, what are you 10? 10:59am

Craig: You expect me to give you info when you won't identify yourself, seriously?11:00am

Craig: That's like the definition of stupidity. 11:00am

Me: Okay I have enough information from you now, actually a lot of information on how you treat potential customers and I'm gonna post it everywhere I can. You have crossed the line. In fact I might report you for knowingly invasion of my privacy.

Me: I have it all right here in writing. 11:02am

Craig: See, and there you lie, you CAN NOT under any law become a potential customer until you identify yourself. So, even as far as company record is concerned, nothing happens until YOU identify yourself. 11:02 am

Me: As a business owner myself I know the laws. Sorry... 11:02am

Me: I'm also not a liar. Who talks to people like that?

Craig: You don't own any business, if you did, you'd identify yourself.11:03am

Craig: And you live in Colorado, and Texas Law supercedes Colorado's, that's why we can extradite you here, but you can't extradite crap to there.11:04am

Craig: Texas law states, you DO NOT have to do business with ANY person or entity, AND CAN NOT until they identify themeselves thru legal means.11:04am

Craig: Because we operate an electronic based business.11:05am

Craig: And yeah, running a tampon stand does not count as a business. 11:05am

Me: I'm not currently a customer I was looking for information to be a potential customer. I don't have to give you my name if I choose not to. So I'm out of here. This is some really good material for people who want to do business with you. Plus your latent lack of respect for someone. I never told you I was male or female either. End of conversation. 11:07am

Craig: Yeah, maybe in your p***y as state of colorado, but in Texas, we do grown up business, and follow grown up laws. And YES, you do have to identify yourself in Texas now, or anytime your trying to get services or buy something from Texas, it's the law.

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