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Living Scriptures / Abuse

1 UT, United States

Several years ago, in 2004, I signed on to receive the Living Scriptures videos for my children. When other products became available, I purchased those. I was not aware that each time I did so, my contract was being extended.

At the time, I had 11 children, many of whom were disabled. The videos were wonderful resources to teach the scriptures, and keep the children learning positive lessons.

Last October, after a lengthy court batttle, my ex husband was able to obtain custody of my children and I am not allowed to see them at all.They are all now in foster care. I no longer have a regular income. He hasn't paid his spousal support in over a year. I have few employment skills and the job market, like the economy is in the sub-basement. I get by on odd jobs and living from my food storage. I have no extra funds and struggle to pay my living expenses.

I have not received any videos since September of 2008.

Living Scripture's company office calls continually. They threaten legal action, costs, etc. etc. The last person I spoke to wouldn't cancel the contract, even tho I have completed the first three year contract and am now into the extensions that were added on without my knowledge or consent when I purchased additional products. His manner was not terribly civil.

I asked him to grant me a hardship release and said I would work with Living Scriptures to pay off the $30.00 or so for the last video received in Sept. 2008. He refused and kept repeating that there was a contract that must be paid out and that I owed at least $600 plus a pile of additional expenses.

I do not have the funds. I have not received any additional videos. I cannot afford to purchase any more videos. I have no use for the videos as I am not allowed to see or visit my children.

Harassing people who suffer tragedies is not in keeping with any gospel or scriptural practices of the LDS church or any other known Christian organization.

Once more, I am asking for a way to work this out.

I have no assets, no bank accounts, no credit cards, and no savings. I am not likely to have any of those anytime in the near or distant future. Causing me more stress and adding legal costs onto this matter will do no one any good, specifically not Living Scriptures.

One unhappy customer costs any business a great deal of negative public relations, and lost sales.

I have to say that I am VERY disappointed in how this has been handled.

Not advising me that I was extending my contract when I purchased additional products is poor business protocol to say the least.

Please put me in touch with someone in your company who can resolve this.

D Anderson

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