living room funiture / poor service and satisfaction

1 London, ON, Canada

My girlfriend and i had decided to buy new furniture together and went around to a few places and decided the set we liked the best was from bad boy's funiture. They presented an after market warrenty and i decided to purches it as well. Luckey for me, it has come in handy. We have had to replace the love seat, and 2 rocker recliner chairs before the factory warrenty was even up. Now, after the warrenty is up, the couch springs strarted to break and the seams in the material have started letting go. We contacted the warrenty company and found out bad boys had not signed us up for it. It was a battle to get that cleared up but 6 weeks or so later and we are still trying to get our couch fixed. They sent a repair tech out before christmas and apparently he was an idiot and filled the work order wrong, so now they have to send another one out to redo a work order and who knows how long that will take and than wait for parts. The parts they ordered a month ago still haven't arrived and as we found out would be the wrong ones anyways. I would never recommend this place to anyone for buying anything!!!

Jan 30, 2015

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