Live Nation Security / unethical behaviour of security

I attended the Lady Antebellum concert on July 19th at the Budweiser Stage. This is my third year purchasing the Country Mega Ticket and have throughly enjoyed my time each year. This past week, I hadn't even gotten 20 steps into the concert before a security guard approached my friends and I and had asked us if we had been drinking. Everyone was cooperative and told her we had been. We all were of age and offered to show her our identification but she said that wasn't necessary. She then proceeded to say only myself and one other friend were showing some of the "10 signs of intoxication" and would be asked to leave. When we asked what signs we were showing and why this was necessary she then became angry and told us we should know the signs and we needed to leave. Obviously we were upset with the situation and how it was dealt with considering we hadn't even gotten as far as the lawns yet.

She then passed us off to another male security guard (dressed in beige) who spoke to us and said "if you go sober up in about an hour, you're good to go back in". We were still frustrated because neither of us were stumbling, slurring our words, yelling (or showing whatever 10 signs of intoxication she was referring to) etc but we complied and sat outside the venue for over an hour before trying to re-enter.

Once we approached the gate (for the second time) the lady scanning tickets told us our tickets had already been used. We explained that the other security guard told us we could re-enter and before I could finish explaining he interrupted me and told us "I never said that, you need new tickets to enter". I was quite angry because that isn't initially what he had told us. After he insisted he never said that, we went to the machine and purchased new tickets. When we tried to re-enter (for the third time) we had our tickets scanned, went through security and was stopped AGAIN and he told me "you've been ejected from the venue for the night, you're not allowed back in".

I am disappointed with how this was handled and don't understand how this could be miscommunicated. I would never have purchased a second set of tickets if he had've told me otherwise. I then asked for his name because I would be filing a complaint and he refused to give it to me and told me he wasn't obligated to do so (which I believe is incorrect).

I am hoping for some sort of compensation for this mismanagement. I have never had any issues in the past and hope this was just one bad incident.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jul 26, 2018

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