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If you are attracted by the cheap price of $259 to get yourself a live spokesperson on your site and thinking about to do it, STOP right there and read this before.

I contacted this company that operates using a quite modern site and I have to recognize that psychologically, when I see a modern website with a nice design, I immediately assume the company behind it is quite large and reliable : NO !!!

I made a payment of $300 to to get a live spokesperson on my site and here is what happened :

First, I have to say : if that was to do again, I wouldn't.
Why ?
For a few reasons :

1- The video was supposed to be delivered in A COUPLE OF DAYS, it took 10 days instead. At this point, I knew that they were not reliable already. When a company advertises 2 days for the delivery, and one week after still nothing, then you know something is wrong.

2 - Imagine how angry I was when I saw that this clip that I payed $300 had to display a huge logo and link straight to their website from my site's homepage and that they refused to help me remove it ! When I told them that I judged that for $300 I did not think it was reasonnable to maintain a link from my homepage straight to their site, they had the b...s to ask me for another $150 to remove the branding !

3 - They won't accept to refund anything or to help me in getting this ridiculously big logo/link from my site : is the biggest scam possible : DO NOT BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD THEY SAY, THEY WILL BE VERY SWEET UNTIL THEY GET YOUR MONEY AND THEN WILL IGNORE YOU COMPLETELY !

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