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littlepaws4u / Greg Myers / selling sick puppies & ripping people off

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littlepaws4u in Cleveland, Tennessee / Greg Myers


Please do not buy a puppy from Greg Myers / littlepaws4u !!!

In December 2008 my husband & I found a maltipoo puppy for sale on His name was Finley & he was being sold by Greg Myers in Cleveland, Tennessee. He was also listed on Greg's website The listings stated that Finley's brothers Wally & Tag were also available. On Friday, December 12, 2008 we went to Greg's house in Cleveland, Tn. to look at the puppies so we could see Wally & Tag too. They were adorable, playful & seemed healthy so we bought 2 of them, Finley & one of his brothers (not sure if it was Wally or Tag because they looked just alike).
About 1 hour after we left Greg's house we stopped to let the puppies go potty & they were both having diarrhea. When we arrived home they were still having diarrhea. We called Greg and he told me that the car ride is very stressful for the puppies & it will cause them to have diarrhea for a few days, not to worry about it as long as they were still eating. On Monday, December 15, 2008 I called the vet to make an appointment for the puppies to get a check-up, but they were all booked up for the day so we got an appointment for the next day. the puppies stopped eating & drinking & were still having diarrhea. Again Greg told me it was nothing to worry about, they were just stressed from the change to a new home. He told me to give them pedialyte with a syringe every few hours until they started eating again. I did that all day & all night until the vet appointment the next day. When we got to the vet they did several tests on the puppies & diagnosed the puppies with Tapeworms/from fleas, intestinal bacteria, Giardia/Flagellates seen on slide, Coccidiosis, & Strongyles. The vet told us that these puppies had every parasite possible to have inside & outside their bodies, they were extremely contagious to other animals & humans & she felt that this breeder was a puppy mill due to the diagnosis of the puppies. She said these things have an incubation period between 10 to 20 days before they show up in test & that was why the puppies seemed healthy when we bought them, but she did not even know if they would live through the treatment they had to have. She also said that every dog Greg owned would have to be treated for this because they all had it since it is contagious! I called Greg & he told me to go ahead with the treatments & he would pay us back for the vet bills.
Since the puppies were so weak & dehydrated from not eating & drinking they had to stay at the vet's office to recieve IV fluids. The next day the vet called & said the puppies were rehydrated & eating & drinking so I could come pick them up & continue their medicines at home, but to wash my hands alot & keep them away from my children & other pets because of being contagious. That night the puppies stopped drinking again so I gave them pedialyte through a syringe all night. The next morning they were very weak so I called the vet & they told me to bring the puppies back in & leave them because they needed IV fluids again.
We had already paid Greg $800.00 for the puppies & paid the vet $250.00 & we did not have any more money. The vet would not take the puppies unless we paid a deposit up front. I called Greg & he agreed to take the puppies to his vet & keep them until they were well, then he would return them to us & reinburse us for the vet bill we had already paid. He said if the puppies died he would give us new puppies out of the next litter he had.
On Friday, December 19, 2008, I called Greg to check on the puppies & he told me that he had a swimming pool in his backyard for his dogs to play in in the summer, it had never been emptied & the dogs were drinking the stagnated green water out of it. That is how the mother got the Hookworms (Giardia) & passed them on to the puppies. He also told me that the mother of the puppies was a rescue dog that had lived in a field for about 6 months before he took her in & she had alot of problems when he got her. Then he continued to tell me about another puppy in the same litter as my puppies that was born with only one eye & deformalities & it had died. He also told me about a product called put a ### in heat that he gives to his female dogs to make them go in heat when it is not time for them to be in heat so he will have more litters of puppies to sell.
In my opinion he should not be giving the dogs this product, it is unhealthy for the dog to keep having puppies when her body has not even had time to recover from the last litter of puppies. I don't think he should be breeding a rescue dog either because he does not know anything about the dogs history. This could cause problems with the puppies such as the one eyed puppy that died. We were very upset after hearing all this. We would not have bought the puppies if we had known these things before purchasing them.
I talked to Greg about a refund which he normally does not do, but we felt that we deserved a refund because he told us the puppies were healthy at the time of sale & was not honest about the parents health or history. He agreed to refund us for the puppies & the vet bill. He did send us a refund check eventually, but it did not include the amount he owed us for the vet bill & the check bounced. We called multiple times & he always told us he had already mailed us another check & he did not know why we had not recieved it yet, then he stopped answering our calls & blocked our number on his phone so that when we called we would hear a message that said he was not accepting calls from this number. In January 2009, I sent Greg a certified letter giving him 10 days to pay the amount owed for the check & the $30.00 NSF fee that the bank charged me for the check bouncing, he did not reply. On February 6, 2009, I turned the check over to the magistate court so they could put out a warrant to arrest him for check fraud & collect the money.
As I was looking for another puppy to buy, I saw that Greg had already listed Finley for sale again on A few days later Finley had sold. As of today we still have not recieved the money that Greg Myers owes us.

Please do not buy a puppy from Greg Myers / littlepaws4u !!!

Chris & Mary Spry

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  • Ki
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Im sorry to hear about little Findley I actually bought his sister and named her Chloe. when we first got her she was alittle sick not eating or drinking and had the worst gas.A Little blood in her BM's stuff like that. The first day i got her i took her to the vet they said she was normal gave her all her shots and stuff, but i still thought something was wrong with her. Her stomach always made this strange noise but the vet and Gregg told me she was fine. I took really good care of her and did extra stuff that the vet and Gregg told me not to because i knew she was sick and after a while she was a healthy puppy she is now almost a year old and doing great. When i would call Gregg he actually told me about you and the two dogs you bought and how i needed to get Chloe checked. Her test always came back normal though. Sorry to hear about your horrible story Gregg was a very weird guy!!!The pic below is Chloe now!!

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