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Little Rompers, 1 Travers Court, Coconut Grove NT 0810

On the 20/1/16 after a lengthy conversation with the shop assistant, I placed an order for an Infasecure Comfi Caprice Child Booster Seat, the total price was $295. I put down a 20% deposit of $59 to initiate the order, as requested.
I was advised at the time it would take about 4 weeks at the most on special order.

4 weeks later, on the 20/2/16 my wife made a phone call to Little Rompers to enquire about my order. She was advised there had been an 'unexpected delay' that she would follow up with the supplier (Infasecure) to check where it is at. 2 days later ‘Ash’ left a voicemail on my wife’s phone saying the order would be ready in two weeks and they would call us then.

More than two weeks had passed. On the 5/3/16, we contacted Little Rompers on the phone, and were met with similar stalling tactics and conflicting advice. ‘Ash’ advised that two days after I placed my order, the stock was discontinued. It was alleged that someone tried to contact me to tell me that I would be getting a newer version of the seat and that it will arrive soon. Upon further questioning, i asked how much extra the newer model actually cost, and was told that it was around $600. I protested and refused to accept this ‘counter offer’. She then attempted to sell me some other stock currently in the shop around the price range of $400+, which I refused. For the record, at the time when I placed my order, I was told the seat I was actually buying was a new model!

When I pressed for an explanation about my original order, placed some six weeks ago, I received contradictory advise from two staff members about why it was changed and how the ‘owner’ had allegedly contacted me and sought my agreement about the change, which is an outright lie. There is no record of anyone contacting us during this time. The only contact we had was a voicemail left two weeks ago about the order delay, after we had called them, this I can equivocally confirm. I also requested to speak to the 'owner' who has allegedly tried to contact me but apparently she was not contactable during week days.

Interestingly, when I asked about the exact date they had put my original order through to the supplier, I was advised it was done on the 27/1/2016. Now, the contradiction is, if Little Rompers were advised by the supplier 2 days after I put a deposit that the stock was ‘discontinued’, why would they have put my order through some 5 days later on the 27th, their stories does not add up. Needless to say, the throw away lines - first it was “unexpected delays due to back order”; then it was “the stock was discontinued”; and “due to overwhelming demand we couldn’t get the stock”. Three different stories from 3 different people.

I have dealt with many retailers before, most are genuine and you do expect some delays occasionally, but not to this extent. I truly believe in this case Little Rompers had no intention of filling my order, took my 20%, $59 deposits and sat on it for 6 weeks and trying in a very sly way to force me in a position to purchase stocks they had in store using the ‘delay’ tactics. In fact, as stated above they tried to up-sale the ‘newer’ model to me at a highly inflated price and then tried to offer me a more expensive product they currently have in the shop.

On the 7/3/16 I requested that my order be cancelled due to the significant ongoing delays and requested for the second time a full refund of my deposit. I was advised that the refund would be returned to my Visa Debit card, to date this hasn’t occur, and no receipts of the refund transaction has been issued despite my request. I have tried to resolve this matter with the retailer, unfortunately they have treated me (and my wife) with contempt, or at the very least dishonesty.

The reason for this review is to highlight the unscrupulous sales tactics used by this retailer and to warn potential buyers from falling into the same trap. Don't take the bait.

Attached is a copy of my receipt for verification.

Little Rompers

Mar 07, 2016

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