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Little Loan Shoppe - Pay Day Loans / Incorrect Debits to Bank Acct

1 90 West 500 South #2001 - Bountiful, Utah 84010UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 877-991-2288

Beware! Little Loan Shoppe will debit payments on any days they wish...even though they know your pay days...they don't care...they just keep resubmitting it until they get money. I have incurred so many NSF fees since they don't care when they put it in. And if you read the fine print of the contract...they can collect 3 times what you owe them if any thing goes wrong with them getting their money. My bank closed my acct by accident for 6 hours...then corrected it. This was the day before my pay day...but since Little Loan Shoppe debited the night before, it was entered when my acct had problems...I can't get them to understand that if they had put it in on the correct date...all would have been fine. My bank apologized and corrected it before the day of my pay now Little Loan Shoppe says my loan status kicks into what they call the "loan maximum"...I borrowed $500 and now owe $1500!!! That is robbery! They wouldn't speak to my bank to prove it wasn't me that closed it and they won't admit the problem was them going in my acct the day before my pay day in the first they are bouncing more payments into my acct on random days to try and get their money that I don't feel I owe. I already paid $900 in payments for a loan that should be $650 in can they up in to $1500 legally? It is crazy how the loan sharks can get away with these type of rules and once they get your bank numbers - look out! SO BEST ADVICE - DONT DO CASH ADVANCES OR PAY DAY LOANS - they are serious crooks! I left many messages for the resolutions find out their option #3 for that dept doesn't work...and they never call back even if you choose option #1 and leave a message for the resolutions dept. They suck and only repeat their policies and don't help you to get in paid off - they can submit payments THREE times...even incorrect amts. They say I owe them $620 more...yet they submitted a payment for $770...and they expect me to pay it...then wait for a $150 refund that can take 5-6 business gets stuck in the approval dept for a week...they are quick to take your money...but won't give it back if you don't owe it...stay away from them!!!

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