Litnik Communications Inc.Nevet talk to them

This company is a complete fraud. DO NOT do business with them or WORK for them. They want your money up front (huge red flag) and then they can't deliver on their promises. I hired them to do a simple cold call campaign and after kissing my rear (before I committed to paying them) they completely failed (never transferred even a single lead in over 2 weeks) and then disappeared once I asked for a refund.

I have been trying to get a wire return for over a month now (as of 8/24/10) and have gotten every excuse in the book as to why I don't have it yet. Litlyn Vista is the main culprit (she will call you constantly and tell you how great their service is and blow smoke up your rear) but there is an entire cast of characters behind her. However, she is the main scammer and beware of her BS.

Evelyn Armamento is the day manger and helps to perpetuate the scam.Sol is a worker bee who will give you her cell phone # [protected]) and then disconnect it once the service goes bad.

Nikolaos Spanoudis + Ioannis Kallias are both behind the scenes operators but don't worry about them because you can never talk to them.

Try calling their number too [protected]) ... it either doesn't connect or goes straight to a voicemail. No live person EVER picks up the phone. Sounds like a legit company, huh? Anyone that does business with this organization is a complete fool. That makes me an idiot too. But hopefully I can stop someone from making a terrible mistake by posting this info.

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