Lithia Motors Inc. / Vehicle towed & sold without notice

1 United States

i had my Suburban at Camp Chevrolet, a Lithia store, it was in need of an engine and was going to be repaired when i could get the approx 2500.00 to fix it. Many employees knew it was there as i used to work there, it sat for approx. 14 months without repair. The service manager Brian D. decided to have it towed without calling me to let me come get it.

Didn't let me know it was towed or any phone call at all. By the time i found out it had already been sold at auction, even though i had the title to it. I talked to Brian and he said he knew it was mine and that he had it towed anyway. Asked him why he couldn't have called me and said it wasnt his job. So by the time i found out about it it was to late to do anything, it was sold. Contacted the parent company LITHIA MOTORS and they said to bad.a simple phone call is to much to ask for? Guess so. Hopefully through word of mouth and the internet i can let people know how they, Lithia Motors, and especially BRIAN D. do business. Every possible chance i get i will tell people about how they treat customers, its not the first time that BRIAN D. has treated people like this.


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