Listing for Cashfraud

My mother was checking her bank account today and discovered that she had been loaded with overdraft fees thanks to an 80-some dollar purchase from Listing for Cash. My mother had no idea what the place was and neither did I so we called the bank who gave my mother the phone number and information to give Listing for Cash so that she would be refunded. My mother calls and is told that she purchased a cd and that it had been delivered to our house. However, neither my mother nor I have ever purchased or recieved anything.
I went on their website and discovered it is some way to make money off YouTube. My mother doesn't even go on YouTube and so would never purchase anything pertaining to making money off it and I have only purchased books using her card. Regardless, they said they would cancel the subscription or whatever but refused to give my mother her money back, which caused her to be charged various overdraft fees from her bank. Luckily my mother's bank has agreed to file a claim of fraud against Listing for Cash and hopefully all will turn out well.

Has anyone else had these problems?


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