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Lisestyle Family Fitness / DO NOT WOK HERE!!

1 Tampa, FL, United States
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I was a long time employee working an average of 55+ hours per week, moving from gym to gym from city to city for Lifestyle "Family" Fitness. Pay NO ATTENTION to the word "Family". It is all a sham. They don't care about the employees or the members either for that matter. They constantly preach family, family, family but actually care about NOTHING but the all mighty dollar. I was wrongfully terminated after I would not relocate. The relocation was for less money and with the current economy I could not afford to make less money. After all I was already making about $15K less than the previous year due to the "Newly Enhanced" pay structure. Once I declined the transfer, I was told that my current position was already filled and I was not allowed to remain where I have been the past several years of my carreer. This was complete a lie. There was absolutely no one scheduled to take my place. My performance throughout my time of employment speaks volumes as I was always at the top. If Lifestyle Family Fitness will terminate a top performer for no other reason than what was described above, they will eventually get rid of you too. Save yourself the trouble and time. I highly discourage anyone thinking about working for Lifestyle Family Fitness. There are many other fitness companies out there who treat their employees with much more respect and courtesy (LA Fitness, Ballys, Golds, Lifetime Fitness, TSI, Anytime Fitness) to name a few.


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