Lisa / thought they were going to scam me. haha

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Did get away with scamming me. hate it for them. no one gets my credit card much less my debit card number over the phone. period. for there so called fee of $59 to locate me and my husband a place within Savannah GA. ha-ha. not knowing that i previously lived there. thinking they are the only one's who hold ownership on locating rentals. located them on craigslist. beware. of this phone number [protected]. and [protected]. funny they called me back from an Augusta GA number. when as you can see the first number is the one that I called. what a joke this is. they should not get away with scamming people like this on craigslist. I just might be the one to see that this does not happen aGAin. they can take there so called demanding attitutes to there own bank. i know a scam when i hear one. when i get to Savannah also. there are some very very nice people in Savannah GA. it is a crying shame into days world. that they do not have any heart abt scamming someone. thank god i have enough common sense to not let my self to be scammed by people like these ones. BEWARE OF THEM

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  • La
      25th of Mar, 2011
    Lisa - money taken from my bank account
    1327 8th ave
    United States
    Phone: 3083677519

    there was 99.00 dollars taken out of my checking account and i did not give permisson i would like you to pay that back and also the 33.00 for the over drawn

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  • Li
      26th of Apr, 2012

    I seen a listing on craigslist in savannah ga. for $545 2br MH called this number 912-344-9390 message said you will get a returned call from a rep from ext 500.
    Got a return phone call, only to be told that they think they have control of all the rentals within savannah, ga. haha what a joke that it. I used to live in savannah. and they were shocked to hear that. not to mention that they wanted my credit card number. which I never do. regardless. as everyone with common sence in the world knows abt all the scams in this world. I thought it was really funny when I heard them say. they are the only ones that can find rentals for me. haha. not knowing what it is that I have already done before hand. they might get away with scamming some. but they surely did not get away with it with me. they can take there so called demands. and they know whta they can do with them. I know a scam when i hear one. take that to the bank.

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