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Lisa Awad Nanny / Unreliable and Immature Nanny- Do N0t Use

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

We hired Lisa Awad to be the nanny for our newborn children after a comprehensive search. As she is still young (20 years old) we specifically asked her about her wanting to return to school for her degree. She indicated she only wanted to do online schooling and it shouldn't interfere with the schedule we made for her.

We were ok with this and hired her allowing over 1 month of overlap with my wife while she was on maternity making it perfectly clear that we were looking for a long term relationship between a nanny and our kids. She said she was looking for the same.

The three months she was there she was good with the kids (can't dispute that). We had a good relationship and asked her a couple of times a week if everything was workign out ok and that we wanted to maintain an open communication. She said she was very happy.

Then we get a call on one Sunday (not even face to face) saying she was giving 2 week notice. This was in April and she said she had applied to schools because she could never do online schooling (the opposite of what she said on the interview). Her school was starting in September so we asked why she couldn't stay longer and were informed that she took another job with a family friend.

We can understand the schooling because we believe education is important. But taking another job without discussing with us surprised us. We were in a mad scramble but got over it the next couple of days while she took care of the kids. In fact we were going to give her a b'day gift and a going away bonus gift too.

So in the middle of the second week of notice that she gave us what does she decide to do? She just stops showing up. It put both my wife and I in a bind and I felt sorry for the kids that they didn't get to say bye to someone they got to know.

If you ever are considering hiring this person please think twice unless you are ok with someone unreliable and unprofessional. I also didn't mention that she called out a couple of times in the few short weeks we had her.

Buyer Beware. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what we went through.

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  • Te
      17th of May, 2009
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    I agree completely with you… see below my worst experience with Nanny (Live-in caregiver)

    We would like to share our bad experience with Nanny (Live-in caregiver) to everyone. We had sponsored a Nanny Visa for Melwida Erive from Philippine. When she came here she said they were treated very inhumanly in HonKong where she was working earlier. We had a long chat with her and told her that we would give you all the respect and treat her as our family member. We also suggested that she should be open and honest with us. We told her also that for us you are a stranger, yet we are keeping our small kids in your hands and we would trust her and do not break our trust.

    She worked well for around one and half month and then later we noticed that she is not concentrating on her work and we felt that something is going on. In the meanwhile she had started working outside on the weekends, so we thought that she is not concentrating at our work. We showed our concern and asked her if something is wrong, she said there is nothing and she will concentrate on her work properly.

    I had told her to take my 16 month old daughter to the playgroup at the nearby community centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I used to pay her the drop in fee for the playgroup. The community centre is attached to the elementary school where my older son goes to kindergarten. Once when I called the centre to enquire about the summer camps and wanted the forms to be handed to my caregiver as it was the playgroup time, the receptionist informed me that they have not come to the playgroup. Infact, I was the one who had dropped them in the morning that day in front of the community centre. I was shocked as we had completely trusted her and never anticipated such a thing would happen. I did not know what to do, where she is taking my daughter to. I called her up on her cell phone and asked her and she said she is going back home from the playgroup as it is finished. She lied to me, when I enquired at the centre I came to know that there are several days when she did not take my daughter to the playgroup. When I asked her where you took my daughter she said she took her to the friends place, I do not know if she was telling the truth. To crosscheck I asked her friends number and called her friend, she said that she went to her house only one day But my nanny was not telling me where did she take my daughter on those other days. I completely lost faith in her and could not trust her anymore and had to ask her to leave. She committed to her mistake and apologised for it and she said give me another chance. But as she proved to be not trust worthy and unreliable, we felt we could not take a second chance as it is kids matter.

    Because of her all of a sudden now I do not have a caregiver who can take care of kids when I away working full time and as every body know getting a daycare spot is not that easy and every where is waiting list.

    By writing all this here we want to beware others out there who would like to have a live-in nanny and trust them completely and keep on eye on them.


  • Ma
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    I have experience with this nanny, she has been wonderful to our children, and us. She is reliable, honest, and our children adore her. I was impressed at her hands-on experience with children, she is a natural! I'm ver pleased with her. We have open communication, and schedule. I never had any issues or concerns. Lisa fit right in from day one. I think the complaints are very one-sided, I'm not sure the other employers treated her properly, they most likely expected way too much of her.

  • Nm
      2nd of Aug, 2014
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    We had a summer nanny : Nikki Weston from east patchogue New York. She texted me 1/2 hr before she was due to come in saying she wouldn't be returning anymore. She had 3 days left in her job and I had to work for those 3 days. I found a friend to help me out of the situation but beware if you hire her as she will be very unreliable with no prior warning. The day before she had said " see you tomorrow! " all was well. And then she just quit via text right before she was due here. Incredibly unprofessional.

  • Nm
      2nd of Aug, 2014
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    We also had an experience with Madeline Daniello of Suffolk county li. She locked our child into a high chair and gave her polished rocks to play with then she left to go to the bathroom. She also told our kids that their defecating was awful and smelly. Making our children feel they were doing something wrong and causing mental trauma to them so that they tried to repress going to the potty at all. She then quit out if nowhere via text day before she was due to work and was no responsive by phone text and email. Beware!

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