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Liquidity International / Unfair practices, horrible customer service

1 1270 Champion CircleCarrollton, TX, United States
Contact information:

I attempted to redeem some vouchers that were part of a package of products that I purchased a few years back. They have since then changed the name of the products - the products are the exact same thing just now have a new label. They also have switched the voucher - same exact concept which is that you buy a product with the voucher at a discounted rate. So of course they have said my vouchers are no longer valid. My vouchers have no expiration dates on them and I was never notified of any change nor was I told there would be a time frame that I would need to redeem them by. They said I had ample time to redeem - even though I was NEVER told they would be discontinued. I reminded them there was no expiration date and with each point that I made, I was treated more horribly. I finally expressed my opinion on how this was nothing more than a scam - there is no reason why they couldn't attempt to work something out - especially because the products and the "voucher" are all still items that they have - they just have a different label now!

I received a phone call back from someone named "Mika" - 1st words out of her mouth were "you work for an Insurance Company and you call us a scam???" What the heck does my job have to do with my issue with them??? I asked her what her last name is and she said it was none of my business. I then asked what her phone # was and she again said that was none of my business! She then preceded to tell me she needed my distributor ID # because she was closing my account! So... long story short, I asked for what is due to me - they refuse to honor their own vouchers - the rep that called me criticized what I do for a living, refused to give me her full name and refused to give me her contact #. I disconnected the call.

The next day I receive an email from "no name" accusing ME of being abusive and verifying the fact that they have closed my account with them. I responded to their email and guess what my response was??? I'm sorry, we are no longer acknowledging your emails... your account is closed. (again with no contact name on it!)


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