I ordered the classic TV series ‘Sisters’ from I received the DVDs and was really excited to get them. I have attempted to watch 40 of these DVDs and absolutely none of them are watchable. It all stop during the first episode and five of the discs play nothing at all. I was really upset because I felt I wasted money with these DVDs. I emailed the company immediately to address the problem. I received a reply from them within the day. They asked some information with reference to the DVD player we used at home, they also listed some suggestions on how will we get able to play those DVDs. We followed these suggestions and tried the DVDs on my other DVD player which I purchased last month. We finally identify that these DVDs will not play well in very old DVD players. I was really relieved when all the DVDs are fully functioning now without any skips. I find this seller very reliable and very thankful that they assisted me all the way.

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