SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / slightly delayed shipment, but worth the wait

I had purchase FATHER KNOWS BEST from At the start, I thought this site was a rip-off because I didn’t receive a confirmation email after I placed the order. I tried to contact the company and ask for the tracking information of my order. They replied immediately with the tracking number I needed. The shipping has been gone for almost 2 weeks and I was a bit angry by then. I emailed the seller again and their customer support told me that they’re unable to guarantee delivery before a certain date because the mail delivery facilities in certain areas, and also the customs clearance times is out of their control. They also explained that I have to wait for the next few days. The next day, the package arrived finally! I checked the package and to my surprise, the quality of the discs is incredible. The episodes are indeed complete and all the discs are playing smoothly in my player. What a nice boxset, really worth the wait!

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