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Lipophen Acai Berry / Scam

CA, United States Review updated:
On November 22, 2008, I ordered a free trial bottle of Lipaphen Acai Berry for $3.95 shipping charge which I never received. On December 6, 2008 my credit card was charged $87.13 for a month's supply and did not authorize. I never received this either. I tried to contact them by phone. The line was busy. The second time I tried the mailbox was full. I then contacted my credit card company. Fortunately, they credited my account.


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  29th of Dec, 2008
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The same thing happened to me. I had heard about the scams and called a couple different 800 numbers and they kept saying that they couldn't pull up any account information for me. The lady I talked to said that the charge from them would show up on my credit card statement as "Extreme Acai Berry" but mine showed up as "Lipaphen Acai Berry"..she also said that they charge $3.95 s&h for the trial order and then the 2nd charge is $89 and some odd cents. I called my credit card company and they cancelled my current credit card and issued me a new card with a new number so I wouldn't keep getting the charges.
  30th of Dec, 2008
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yes i too thought there would be weight loss pill to help me lossa little baby fat. well i'm filing a complint with my card company and there going to get a fued on the lipaphen acai berry company. they charge my card 187.38 worth of charges.
  30th of Dec, 2008
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I also just got chared $87.13 for this Acaiberry stuff. It's 'still pending so I can't fight it unil it clears. I tried to call the phone number that showed up with the charge. I called it several times to no avail. It would play music and then the music would stop and then just dead air. I am very angry about this. Too many people are running too many scams and it's the inncocent that get crapped on. I will fight this with my bank and I know my bank will refund but at this time it has set me overdrawn in my bank account, Ugh.
Happy New Year...yeah right.
  1st of Jan, 2009
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These people did me the same way, only i had just the $3.95 on the card, a visa money card i had purchased and the $87.13 that was charged was declined twice so now i ended up getting them they sent the bottles of what i now think was just sugar, so purchase with a visa card that you have to load and only keep the amount of shipping on card, and check statment balance, on card web site, so i won't use that card again i have to purchase another because they will just keep trying to charge the card over again. They did not get the shipping fee, nor the $87.13 . ( the load card saved me from being scamed out of $87.13 for what i thought was just a $3.95 purchase).
  18th of Jan, 2009
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We got scammed also by this same outfit. I'm sitting here tpying while on hold with them. This is my second phone call to them requesting a refund for a product that never arrived. She "Ann" this time, who barely speaks english assured me she sent an email to their billing department to have a refund issued. That is what she told me two weeks ago with my previous phone call. I've been on hold for over ten minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor, I'm about ready to hang up. We ordered online and it looked legite, really. I've been ordering online for years and this is my first time with sammers. I'll be far more careful in the future and we'll be cancelling the credit card that was used in the morning.
  27th of Jan, 2009
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January 27, 2009I too just became victim to this scam. i agreed to a trial offer and was charged 40.00 to my bank card. After calling the company many times with no success of getting answers. The respose was that I did not cancel my subscription within 14 days for the trial. I told them I had not received the product and never agreed to have this money taken out of my account. My advice is to go to your bank and file a complaint and also put a block on this company taking any more funds out. I am not sure what to do after this. I have also found that if you have password put on your account, transactions can't go through without permission.
This has taught me a lesson about online purchases.
s. johnson
  30th of Jan, 2009
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The same thing has happened to me concerning the free trial. I paid the $3.95 shipping on 12/10/08 and on 12/30/08 my account was charge for the $87.13 that I did not authorize. I found out from my credit card company that that also charged me in January for another purchase I did not authorize. I am still working w/ my credit card company to get these charges reversed but in the meantime I am still responsible for them. I can't get through to the 800 phone either.
  3rd of Feb, 2009
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Yes, this is the biggest scam out there. This too happened to me and after many phone calls of saying they could not locate my account information, they kept giving me a phone number to call which was the fit factory. I had already called and cancelled my subscription with them, they then tell me they are not associated with Acai berry people...so I call the Acai berry company back, still can't find my account information. I told them why is it that they can find my account info when they went to bill me for the shipping. They actually hung up on me when I confronted them with that question. Long story short I had to cancel my card, the bank said that was the best thing for me to do. I can't believe they actually get away with this type scam. Something needs to be done!!
  9th of Feb, 2009
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As I write I'm holding on the phone. I'm planning on cancelling my card. How can we follow legal action against these pleople. I just got an answering machine. I can't believe I fell into this!
  16th of Feb, 2009
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  16th of Feb, 2009
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I was billed $4.95 for the trial samples, and on the same credit card statement $79.95. Reported to my credit card company, who is working on it and has blocked any additional charges. This month there is a $29.95 charge from www.fit-fac.com. The phone number is no longer in service. I went to their website, got on their live chat link and after about 30 minutes of back and forth typing and being referred to a supervisor they told me they would credit my account. I think two things helped: I told them I'd never received any information about the trial membership to this website, either stated or implied, either on the Acai website or in the box that my samples came in. All I got was a packing slip. I also kept typing, "I require an immediate cancellation of the membership, I require an immediate credit." They told me as a courtesy they'd issue a refund and cancel the membership. So if you got some sales material inside your box of samples, see if anything in there mentions this stupid website or membership. If not, you have legal grounds to claim an unauthorized charge. I'd go on their website anyway and see if you can get a cancellation and credit. Nothing to lose.
  21st of Apr, 2009
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I had a similar experience just minutes ago. I charged $6 at a supermarket and it was declined. When I got home, I called the credit card company asking for an explanation. Was told that a company, Lipophen, had made 3 charges this month...$48 and change, $17 and change, and $48 and change, and they felt it was suspicious because on one of these, the expiration date was wrong. (thank goodness!). The credit company is issuing us a new credit card. I had initially tried to order the Acai Berry with the company, but after listening to the way they would handle future shipments (which I wasn't interested in), I cancelled the order before hanging up. Ever since that time, I have been harrassed with phone calls trying to talk me into buying the Acai berry product. When I told the man it was for my daughter, he wanted to know how old she was! He spoke with a very thick Filipino-sounding accent and told me he was located in NJ. I didn't like his pushy and aggressive tactics and told him not to call me again. He and others from the same company have been calling me repeatedly. And now they have resorted to fraud, by making these unauthorized charges on my card. Buyer, beware! There are other companies that are very "hungry" for business and resort to all sorts of tricks, and may be desparate enough to be outright fraudulent. You could also be set up unknowingly for a membership where the products will be automatically shipped to your home monthly, and that could involve legit companies. I learned my lesson and will NEVER solicit a "free" product with only shipping charged to you, because nothing is free!
  13th of May, 2009
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I just wanted to let everyone know that this "company" has gone ABOVE and BEYOND a SCAM, ITS OUTRIGHT FRAUD!!!..i just got my visa bill today and i noticed a random $2.00 fee from this company. I had never heard of them, i never ordered a trial or sample, in fact the crazy thing is that i am underweight and trying to gain weight, so this would be the last product i'd be interested in!!
I am going to write a letter to the State Attorney General to let them know what is going on here with these SCAMMERS!! This company somehow got my credit card info and i am assuming that they only charged $2.00 to see if my card was valid- and i am sure they assumed that most people wouldnt notice a $2.00 fee. But then on my next credit card bill, God only knows what they would do, this is beyond a dishonest and terrible company, they are now into full fraud by doing this to consumers such as myself.
So what i did was i called Capital One, my credit card, and i cancelled that acct. I know its a pain, but in 3 to 5 days, i'll have a new card with a new acct number so they cant charge me one more dime!! And i am filing to get my 2 damn dollars credited back, it's the principle!!
So if you can, please do cancel your card, and get a new acct number so they cant do this anymore!! And even though we are all busy with our lives, please take the time to write your State Attorney General so these THEIVES can be prosecuted. This kind of bullcrap, scamming and crooks have to be stopped and put away!!! Best of Luck!!

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