Lionshead / No consistency, lying to tenants and future renters, taking to long to make corrections and having to complain multiply times.

1 Omaha, GA, United States

Was told when we agreed to take apartment that my father that has lived with me and my wife for 5 yrs would be considered part of us and not have to be part of the signing of the lease. On the day we were moving in on the weekend before they would giv us the keys they told us my father would have to sign the lease and would have to have his own renters insurance. I am my fathers power of attorney and he owns nothing that is not mine. So we are having to pay double insurance for a two bed apartment. I am a disabled veteran with liver disease waiting on transplant it took the apartment company three weeks to fix two screens in the meantime I got bit by bugs got cellulitis on my legs and had to go to ER with fever and am now on treatment antibiotics. This is the kind of neglect that could keep me from a transplant and more over my life. I also told them the AC was not cooling properly two weeks later I had to spend a weekend without AC.

Jun 25, 2015

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