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Lion Distributing / light bulb sales scam

1 TN, United States Review updated:

they shipped a case of light bulbs ( that I did not order) and sent me a invoice for $572.00.I got harassing phone calls for the next 9 months.I talked to MARY HILL many times saying I did not order them.I will not pay.send me a return label & I will ship them back to you.the price then dropped to $272.00.I can buy these bulbs locally for $60.00 (my responce to them)I never paid them a should not ever pay them.If you pay them they will ship you many cases and say well you paid in the past.. they only had a po box for their address.they finally sent me their address or I could keep the bulbs...for( $60.00)I still have not paid them a penny I shipped there bulbs back to them.this is there return add. LION DISTRIBUTING INC. 10989 Red Run Blvd. OWING MILLS MD. 21117 ..with love
F U 2 Richard Craneium

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  • Ma
      23rd of Dec, 2010
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    I believe, per the Federal Trade Commission, if one receives unauthorized goods or invoices for unauthorized goods, by law they are entitled to consider it a gift without having to pay anything. I can't remember the FTC link offhand at the moment, but they essentially said it was illegal for any company to send unauthorized goods and expect the receiver to pay. I know this from personal experience, sadly. However, my... expensive mistake taught me a very valuable lesson and I now flatly refuse from these companies. If they ever try to ship anything without my approval (Which I NEVER give to any unknown business that I have never dealt with prior. I am also careful to avoid saying "yes" or "sure" or anything that may be interpreted as an agreement as these companies probably record their calls), I will send it back and refuse payment. If they attempt (Which doesn't work with me) to threaten or intimidate me, I'll simply recite the FTC Trade Law. Its that simple.

  • Ma
      23rd of Dec, 2010
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    Here is the link

  • Ab
      15th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    There are two other companies in Maryland - one named Essex Industries in Owing Mills and another one in Baltimore. Perhaps we're looking at the same scam and owners, but a different company name. The prices sound exactly like the ones that showed up on my bill. The called my maintenance guy and said they wanted to send him some samples to try out. They want a 13% re-stocking fee to take them back. They are charging me $587 for 10 bulbs and $999 for a case of 30 T12 bulbs. Apparently it's good business scam because either a lot of companies are doing it, or they have enough names to stay off the radar.

  • La
      5th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    The same thing just happened to my maintenance man but for some reason this guy had all of his information as far as his previous residence and his name and everything which is very scary. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Pu
      6th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Watch out for a similar scam from PRECISION LIGHT BULBS out of the Tampa, Florida area. Same approach: an aggressive, obnoxious sales person bullies or bluffs their way past the receptionist on the phone. That same sales hack then hams it up with the purchasing or facilities or maintenance manager as if they've been doing business together already. The sales rep then asks misleading and decpetive questions, talks excitedly about a free promotional item... next thing ya know, a case of waaaaaaaaay over-priced light bulbs shows up, followed by an invoice demanding payment. When the company refuses, the scammers at PRECISION will employ heavy handed collection tactics. These people are just gutter ###. Avoid them like the plague, and if they send your company ANYTHING, call them at (813) 889-0578 and demand to speak with the owner, Michael Kahn, and read that fool the riot act. Tell him in no uncertain terms that he WILL pay to have HIS light bulbs sent back, and that he will NOT invoice your company for them. Finally, demand that your company's name and phone numbers be removed from their sales lists. ###.

  • Nb
      23rd of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I received a call stating that I ordered bulbs in 2010 and never paid. Now owe $269. Don't remember ordering or receiving. Agreed to reduce price if paid by credit card today!

  • Gw
      23rd of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    We are a lumber company. These scammers found out the names of the yard hands, (who do not do ANY ordering). Ask to talk to them and say, "we would like to send you a free ice chest for being such good customers." the hand then agrees and is blind sided when the "sales rep" says " so we going to send you what you have been using" and then send the bulbs. the way they got their money was when we refused shipment and sent the bulbs back they crushed the box and tried to collect from us as damage goods. we continued to refuse to pay and they took out a ups clam for the bulbs. so be sure to tell your employees that nothing is free so when agreeing to get a "free" ice chest it cost 800$.

  • Ri
      11th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I'm out of Oklahoma. We to had the same experience with Precision Company. The caller got to a shop guy that never order bulbs. Unfortunately there were 2 invoices over $800.00 paid before we caught it. Then they sent 2 more orders that we did not order and demanded payment. I'm trying to put together a class action law suit against this company. Any want to join in. Could use some financial help if any of you could or would be interested. But at any rate with or with out any help I'm going after this guy. Please email me if you have a interest

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