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1. I was contacted by a salesman representing LINX to sign up with Dish Network. He said there would be no problem installing the Dish in the back yard on my shed roof, but we needed to dig a trench to accommodate the cable. The installer was scheduled for the next morning so, I (59 years old) dug the trench!
2. The installer showed up on time, but said there was no “clear line of sight” on the shed and said he would have to install a pole. After some compromise on cost we agreed on $50 instead of the standard $75.
3. The installer called me to tell me he was in the attic running the cable and his foot missed the rafter and he did some damage to the drywall on the ceiling. He said he would waive the pole charge because of the incident.
4. I received a call from Customer Service to see how the dish was working for us and explained what had happened, at that point I did not know the extent of the damage, but that the installer was not injured. Customer Service never called back to confirm the connection quality either.
5. When returning home at 6:00pm, I was more than shocked when I saw the damage to the ceiling at the far end of the hallway, not only did he come through the ceiling – he fell again at the other end, causing a crack the complete length of the hall.
6. I proceeded to email the salesman to let him know what had happened and also sent pictures. No response.
7.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Provo, UTSunday, June 14, 2009 I called the Dish Network's toll-free number to report the damage and to inform them they gave us the wrong receiver (we had ordered DVR). I was transferred to a scheduler who set up a time to come out and exchange the receiver. I also told him about the damage and he said he would give this information to the proper person on Monday, and he would get back to me. There was no response from this person either.
8. Tuesday June, 16th two installers arrived as expected, with the DVR. They claimed they were not aware of the ceiling issue and was surprised to see the damage and took pictures. He also found the dish was not installed properly and proceeded to redo what the 1st installer had done including burying the cable and sealing the hole where the cable entered the house. Eric gave my son, Jake his email and we sent pictures to him so he could notify Head Quarters. As of today, there has been no response! From anyone!
I am trying to get an estimate on repairing the 16’ x 3’ ceiling, but with the flood of 2008 and lack of contractors available, I have not been successful yet.
• I emailed this on Saturday, June 20th, today is Thursday, June 25th. You guessed it...NO RESPONSE
I contacted Dish Network via email and sent the letter and photos to them for some assistance. I did get a Dish's Customer Service number. I responded and told them I had done that and they said I would have to contact the installer, that LINX was responsible for any damage...
• I attempted to FAX this same information on 06/23-24-25/09 No answer on their advertised FAX number it's a bogus number.
I say LINX is irresponsible and attorney needs to step in.

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